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February 25, 2006



Awww! They're both so sweet-looking! He certainly has that corner marked!


That tomato tart looks truly wonderful!!! I think you need a TV show like a western Paula Dean!! I love your cats! Since Bonehead died I have missed a pet. Keep cooking Sher, I try the recipes and my husband thanks you!

clare eats

That is really nice of you too look after the 2 kittys that were heartlessly left behind. They look like such sweet cats! Give them a pt from me :)


They're a sweet looking pair. It's good they have a home to come in out of the cold, even if they have lots of places to eat. Bless you for your kind heart.

kross-eyed kitty

I love marmalade and ginger cats. They are lcuky to have a whole village looking out for them.
Poo on their previous owners!


they are so sweet:) there are so many outside kitties around here too. makes ya just want to rescue them all!



Yes, Pumpkin has staked out the door as his own, but he's still afraid to come inside the house.


I miss Bonehead too. I loved hearing about that little guy. Glad you like the recipes.


It's very sad that so many people leave their cats and dogs behind. I understand that it happens more than we know.


Thank you, I became fond of them even before they were abandoned. They are quite a pair, always together,

Kross-eyed kitty,

I agree--POO!!!!


Yes, I also have a feral cat that I take care of--a tabby cat. He never lets me see him. He's very shy.


They're both adorable--and so very fortunate to have "found" you. : )


They look very sweet and beautiful. Can you believe that I have never had cats in my life? But that is about to change because we have heard that outside cats are great for catching snakes. I'll report later :)


The house next to me went through a transition from a lovely older lady to a group of ever changing adults, kids, and pets with constant visits from the police. One night after the pd were there - everyone disappeared from the house and the next morning when I was letting my dogs out, it was raining. When they came back in, I heard a cat yowl and sleepy as I was, I couldn't figure out how one of my wards could have gotten out, but re-opened the door and yelled. There was a flash of fur at my feet that headed straight to the litter box. It wasn't until she stepped out, I realized the cat that had come in was not one of mine. She checked out the food dish and rolled around at my feet. All I could think was "A great, and she's in heat." She had been left when the neighbors abandon their home. I took her to the vet they called me to say upon shaving her for surgery - they discovered she was already spade - she was just really a very friendly and loving cat. She has been christen "BD" which she seems to like very much because she comes running and head butts me, purring. It stands for Blanche Duboise as I think the kitty had always relied on the kindness of strangers. I hope Muffin joins Pumpkin soon.


What a marvelous story! I think she was meant to live with you all along! Love that she dashed for the litter box right away. So dainty. :):)

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