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April 18, 2008



Well yours looks good to me! And the recipe says it's a thin crusted pizza... so I think yours may not be too thin at all (according to the recipe). And as the proof is in the eating... your cousins proofed you made a great pizza!!Cheers

Ulrike aka ostwestwind

That looks good to me, I'll serve it for lunch today !


That's an original pizza! It looks delicious!




Ha! That photo beats me everyday to Sunday!
Man that looks so good. Well, now I know I'm not a thin crust pizza girl.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

That looks great to me -- especially with the egg for breakfast!


I know what this tastes like, having made a potato gratin myself recently...Great crisp topping and the photo turned out wonderfully.


That pizza looks terrific. What a great combination.


I love the idea of serving hashbrowns on a crust for breakfast. Your pizza looks lovely - good job!

Patricia Scarpin

I am soooo topping my next focaccia with potatoes. :)


I've never had a potato pizza - I don't know why because I am a potato fanatic! This is making me hungry!

baking soda

Must admit that a potato topped pizza didn't appeal to me but I (we) really liked the result! Yours is looking really good, nice colour on the topping.
That egg sounds nice to complement it..a poached one..Yum!


I never thought of having the leftovers with an egg - what a great idea!
Although, I didn't really have a chance at them as mon mari eats long before I get around to it....


That looks really good. I like the idea of a foccacia covered in potatoes and onions.


You've created a brandnew fashion in breakfasts : Potato-pizza on the egg. Love it!!!


I'm thinking that breakfast with the egg looks out of this world! I'm coming over for brunch and bringing the mimosas!


Who invented these wet doughs? I want names and addresses.


Looks like the breakfast of champions.


Have my interest sparked on this one as I never heard of potatoes on pizza! Yours looks pretty tempting!


I can't believe that I haven't even noticed the "Hi-Rise Corn Bread" OR the "Sullivan Street Potato Pizza" in Glezer's book. I got stuck at "Acme's Rustic Baguettes" in boule shape - we LOVE that bread! I really should look through the rest of the book, shouldn't I?

Your potato pizza looks fabulous!


Well, I am thinkin' Sher is reading posts from blogger heaven.

I am making this dish..as soon as I go get that corn bread mix.

I totally missed this one. As usual, I will think of Sher when I make it..and when we eat it.

R Becklund

that looks so great, what a concept, Potato Pizza. Similar to the potato po-boy (french fry sandwich...). Thanks!

steve shil

that really is a good home made meal that will feel the stomach unlike at the crap we buy from the fast food oulets today, thanks for the post and my wife and kids will love this little dish...

Mike Geary

Mmmmmm! I love potatoes and I love pizza so this should be great! Thank you for sharing!

Rob Poulos

I have that same exact book! Awesome...now I can look up the recipe because that just looks amazing!

Tejaa Shri

The pizza looks terrific and mind-blowing. I love potatoes and this is a great combination. It looks delicious! Thanks for sharing the amazing recipe idea...

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