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July 07, 2008



Delicious! With a sausage, there's nothing more scrumptious!




You know, I have never been a fan of baked beans, but the ones I have eaten are either slightly sweet or out of a can (even sweeter). These look spicy, though, and of course homemade is best. I think I will give these a go and see if I become a convert!


Except for that 'squirt of sriracha' you've pretty much got my beans! Just made them for some hot dogs and gosh dog gone if they aren't soooo good.


Man, those look good!


These are very close to what my mom used to cook for us kids, in Davis!, so this really beings back great memories, Sher.
BTW, I've been trying to send you an email to no avail. It keeps bouncing back to me.


Beans and hot dogs bring back childhood memories. I still love it!


The humble hotdog and bean is also a nostalgic part of my childhood, tho it hasn't quite made DNA status. I find myself reaching for a can time and again but homemade is the way to go. I am awaiting my first Rancho Gordo beans...so I know what to do with them!


oooh--beans and weenies are a favorite of mine. :) what you have here are some baked beans done right. :)

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Hooray -- spicy baked beans that don't have pork! I am sooo bookmarking this recipe.


Looks delicious and you have to love anything that gets better over a period of days as it sits in the fridge.


I love beans like this - tomato based.
I also love the molasses type.
I made American 'beans' for the neighborhood picnic and most people, gingerly, took a teaspoon full...
The local dish is mogettes - white beans cooked with carrots and pork fat or duck gizzards. They're good, I love them, but totally different!

Mrs. L

I've had the most horrid luck with dried beans. I read somewhere that really hard water might be the culprit, but I've kind of given up on dried bean dishes for a while. To bad cuz your recipe sounds good!


Ah missed, ah say ah missed my dinnuh invuhtation!


A Southern Boy


I love canned baked beans, so I can't imagine how tasty this homemade version must taste! The beans look just delicious.


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Sara B.linigan

Incredible forum..I love Beans and hot dogs so much.

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