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July 01, 2008



Cumin is a wonderful spice and you got the "money shot" here.


I hope you get to feeling better quickly!


Oh, I'm feeling you on the weariness. I have an enzymatic deficiency which leads to chronic anemia, and it's a draaaag, isn't it? You do feel a bit sorry for yourself and pathetic and achy and just grumpy sometimes! Still, look at the effort you've put in to just dinner! Imagine, you *could* be eating dry cereal out of a box, and no one would fault you, but you're kicking butt with another great patty dish.

Going to make the chickpea patties tonight, btw. Thanks for the inspiration.


Ooh - very nice patties! I've passed them along to the cumin lover in the family, so I expect to see them reincarnated (albeit minus the spinach) in our family at some point.

Did you identify the source of the anemia? The reason I ask is because we avoid spinach: it's high in oxalic acid, which can actually make anemia worse, if you're one of those people who can't handle oxalic acid - as in, if you have anemia because you have G6PD (an enzyme deficiency common to people of Mediterranean ancestry).

Wishing you a speedy recovery!


Those patties look gorgeously delicious! I love lentils!




What a great entry for WHB. I never thought about making patties like this out of lentils, but I bet I'd love it. (And I love, love, love cumin, so once again our tastebuds are aligned.)

Keep eating those iron-rich foods and taking your meds and I have faith that you're going to be feeling better soon. You must get better so you can come hang out with us in SF for a day. (Nothing more strenous than eating and talking is on the agenda!)


I have been looking for more veggie meals, and actually plan on making your chickpea patties later this week! Thanks for another yummy option!

Patricia Scarpin

What a wonderful way of consuming important nutrients, Sher. I'm here, fingers crossed for your, honey!


I am always impressed with your bean/pea patties but these seem spectacular! I'm also impressed with the variety of iron rich foods you're finding and pairing them with the foods that increase/improve absorption!
You will feel better. And what a memory this will be.


Oh I love cumin too and can't get enough of it (especially cumin and lime - just so yummy!)

I hope you start feeling better soon - it really sucks being tired all the time.

Hang in there honey!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

For even more iron, how about making these into smaller meatballs, and serving them in a spinach salad? I'm going to try it!


mmmh again I drool by reading your recipe and looking at you yummy pics.
I have some lentils in my pantry and was wonderung what I should do with them... I think now know.... :o)

I really hope you are feeling better soon (((hugs)))


The dish looks absolutely delicious and healthy but it's certainly understandable why you're down about all this. I'd be a stark raving lunatic so I think you're handling it amazingly well.


Dear Sher, I hope you drop by!


Some healthy comfort food, just for you. I know...but I had to eat it, you weren't around.

Sue (coffeepot)

Sher I am praying for your getting better each day and tomorrow is another.

These look so good and I will have to try them.


Hey Sher!

This looks fantastic and will be tried! Not happy to hear about how badly the anemia is affecting you, though.

You've been in my thoughts and prayers - I hope things are ok in your world. My Cornell account is down and I haven't had time to figure out what's wrong with it (work is insanity at the moment), so if you ever want to write, the address I've put in is the one to write to.

Best to you!


I don't think you are pitiful, but I am sorry to hear that this makes you feel so bad. It is pretty amazing how connected everything is huh? I too am wondering if you know how it got so bad...Anyways I just bought red lentils and need meal this week so I guess I know what I am making.


Such a healthy recipe.. No doubt delicious as well. They probably won't stay together if I try my hand at this.


Hi there --

I know I posted this already, but just wanted to say again - please please please ask your doctor about the iron shots. From experience, they work MUCH faster than iron supplements.... I just hate to hear you sounding so tired and blue! But food and kitties and squirrels still look great...



The recipes & photos here are mouthwatering!
What camera are you using?


I think they look great - but the red lentils might be easier to work with.
Hope you start feeling better soon - being tired all the time is awful!


A wonderful recipe.
My daughter does not eat meat or dairy and thus sometimes suffers nutrient deficiencies when she is away from home. Lentils are what I make to get her energy up and as a bonus she loves them. (usually I make some sort of Dal but she would be happy to have another lentil meal I think)
I did not know that cumin was a good source of iron, thank you for that!


My most sincere sorrow at losing Sher. So tragic.
I also suffered from Anemia, and was at a level of 3, until it was discovered I had a Thyroid Disease. Hypothyroid. I was tired, sluggish, irritable, could not walk up stairs as I was winded. My chest hurt, and I also had Restless Leg Syndrome. I had years of sleepless nights. I had every symptom listed on the Mayo Clinic web site for Thyroid disease.
Since taking Synthoid (or the generic version of it, Levothyroxine) I am no longer anemic.
I have 5 sisters, and 4 of 6 of us are all Hypothyroid. And one of my daughters is borderline Hypothyroid.
Not only that, my dear friend lost her niece to Thyroid disease. She took a weight loss pill but was recently diagnosed with Hypothroid disease. The combination was deadly and it killed her. She may never have shared with the doctor that she was taking a weight loss supplement.
This information could save another life.
I used to collapse from sheer exhaustion, and worked very hard, physically, so I only thought I was tired.
My energy level and overall constitution are so much improved, I feel like a new person. I sleep through the night. No one ever mentioned thyroid disease to me, and now that I have it and speak of it, countless others, also have this as well. Anemia affect 30% of the population, thyroid used to affect 20% and now numbers are up to 30% of the female population.
I wish everyone has their thyroid checked if they have anemia, and it should be checked up to 3 times as it does not always show in testing.
Even though I am no longer anemic, I still cook and bake everything, in my cast iron pan.
Once again, I extend my deepest sympathies.

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If you are looking down today Sherry...I posted this recipe over at my place. Still think about you and often stop by for recipes.

Don't ya think it is strange how the star-trek dvd seller thinks they need to wish you a happy day? Spam at its finest. You probably are having a happy day though. Don't forget.."your blog is very true of the bar"....whatever that means! I know you'd laugh.

Allison  Nisbet

I have been going through the same thing with anemia...I feel your pain! I too have been majoring on lentils, spinache, and kale. I have found that "Slow Fe" iron supplements result in much less constipation. As my hemogloin has gone up, I have been able to work on my physical stamina by walking & pool workouts. The pool is easier because of the bouyancy...I wish you the best -- thanks for the tasty recipes!


I just made these. They are so yummy. I hope my toddler likes them. Thanks so much for posting the recipe. Did you make it up?


I just read about the sites creater. I'm sorry to hear this person has passed.

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