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June 24, 2008


Sue (coffeepot)

Oh sher I did ice cream for WHB this week too!

Yours looks sooo good. My ice cream maker is an ancient one too but electri. It was my grandmothers.


My dad loves it when I make cherry ice cream for him. He loves it in of all things root beer floats.


Oh my, that looks good! I hope you're feeling better.


That ice cream looks terribly good and tempting, especially since it's very hot here in Switzerland! I wouldn't mind eating some of it now ;-P! Your ice cream maker is surely very useful...




Gorgeous ice cream! I remember my family had an ice cream maker where you had to turn it by hand, more ancient than this one but a similar idea. We loved making ice cream with it, and everyone would fight to do the turning part!

Patricia Scarpin

Sher, that is one lucky friend! I love the color of this ice cream - so girlie!


Look at that tempting icy pink goodness. Lovely. I had a Donvier for years, too. They're a solid little workhorse. If you don't mind doing the crankin'. ;)


PS: I forgot to ask: What- no buffalo ice cream? ;)


That is divine. A good reminder on the origin of vanilla beans! I like the hand crank like this! Never seen it before but I think that would be great fun and not so hard as the old kind that used salt and ice like Kalyn is remembering.


I bet this ice cream is amazing!!

Katie B.

Looks creamy and delicious! I love that you can make ice cream even when the power is out!

Kelly Cat


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Just goes to show that you don't need fancy equipment to make really delicious ice cream!


WOW! I would put in the extra work with an old ice cream maker if it kept producing results as gorgeous as this!!!

Looks sooooooooo good!


Cherries just started popping up at the local markets.... I'll have to get a few pints of it now.


It's 10am here, and after reading this, I want ice cream, and I want it now! I've always wanted to buy an ice cream maker (I think there's actually an attachment available for my Kitchenaid mixer) but I never got around to it.


I'm so sorry to hear about Upsie's death. What a beauty ! I found your blog because of a link on another blog (Ginger Girlcat from Nashville ?) and I found THAT on another blog which features (mainly) ginger cats and is written by Jackie Morris who is a children's book illustrator ! What a wonderful tool the Internet is !

It's so painful to say goodbye to a pet. Our own beloved Moshi (ginger, with white paws and nose) died nearly two years ago. He too had cancer. Reading your account of Upsie's departure brought it all back, with tears rolling down my face.

I'm so glad you've got these magnificent photos of her. And, of course, the memories.



P.S. How many other cats do you have ? I found Laura today. Since Moshi's death we have acquired two cats from the RSPCA (British equivalent of Humane Society)-Jane, who is totally white, and Petal (also known as Cleo) who is a dark brindled tortoiseshell.


That ice cream looks so good!


Oh gawd, Sher. It looks sooooo wonderful! Just beautiful!


I thought I was the only left in the world with an old Donvier Ice Cream Maker! My model looks exactly like yours. The ice cream still comes out just fine. Your cherry ice cream looks so in inviting.



I want some of that right now!



In my current state, I could eat ice cream 24/7. Is that a bad thing?!? Cheers to a great recipe!

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