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July 23, 2008


Symptoms Gerd

Such a great loss...but she will be remembered for all her great contributions...for sharing her ideas...emotions...thoughts and friendship with us.


I was thinking about you today Sherry. We still miss you 'round here.

Lady Amalthea

Just stumbled upon a yummy recipe for asparagus here and was reminded again of how sad it is that you're gone. Bob, hope you're doing well.


Oh gosh. I found a recipe on here that I liked and just commented about it - then thought I'd investigate the blog a little more. How sad. :( I hope me commenting on the other post didn't seem unfeeling, I just didn't know.

Sam Ritter

Goodbye, Sherry. Goodbye. Terribly sad to be reading this in the year 2012.


so glad this site is still up. one can almost pretend she is still here cooking, writing, and photographing away! miss you, sherry; tons.


thinking of sherry always, still. so glad i can "visit" her on the blog. her voice may be silenced, but it is still loud in my heart. i hope you are resting in peace, my friend!


great post

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