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June 29, 2008



That's always delicious when it's hot outside!

Cheers and have a great Sunday!



Nothing beats berries right now! Gorgeous Sher.


And yes I really love the frothing with skim milk trick! It's such a great fool I think!


Well you can't eat liver all the time! Hope you feel a bit better though, it's not nice to feel so tired all the time. This bowl with berries looks so delicious...for m with gran marnier please :))

This frother idea is a stroke of genius!! Ideal for small portions too. I'll have to remember that.


That picture just popped out of my reader! :)

Katie B.

What a beautiful bowl of berries!! I am having serious Frother Envy!!!


mmmmmh lovely!
Love your new kitchen gadget too!

Hope you are feeling a little bit better, the boys offer to come and purr on you tho ;o)


oooooooooooo yum I love grand marnier!!! oh and berries of course!


Nice! And, yes, the lower the fat, the more the froth - but that's kinda not the point with whipped cream, is it? ;)

I just might need to go out and get a milk frother.


Just delicious looking. I really want that!


Simple, yet so tasty and Summery.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Berries are so good for you, and they make you smile -- so you might be taking a small break from iron, but not from healthy food!

Joanna in the kitchen

Ohhh so yummy :-) and great idea with the milk frother. It's all about creativity and simplicity.


Delicious! And beautiful photos as always. You can't go wrong with a little Grand Marnier.


Great idea! And yum! I love grand marnier straight on fruit salad so in the cream would be even better!

Patricia Scarpin

Sparta, sweetie!
I have never made anything with Grand Manier. I think it's about time!

Mrs. L

This was the first Sunday that I missed going to the farmers market and getting my "3-pack" of raspberries, strawberries and blackberries! Dang, I'll have to try again in a few weeks.


What a handy little gadget! The berries look yummy and Grand Marnier sounds delicously fresh and decadent at the same time. The little dish is lovely.


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Wonder why it's so little heard of?

Anyway, Im off to raid the fridge...I think we still have some strawberries!

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