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July 22, 2007



This has been on my must try list for years!
Maybe soon.


Oh wow. I love the sound of this. I wish I had some right now since I haven't had breakfast.

Sher, go to Costco and buy one of those Oster countertop oven/convection/broiler combos like I have (I think it was about $60) and then you can use the oven without heating up your house. I love this little oven! Especially since this is my first experience with convection and now I don't know how I cooked without it.


Very interesting.. very. I'm usually not a "loaf" kinda lover unless it's my meatloaf or quick breads, yanno? But you've made this sound so damn good that I've printed it out and will try it!



Okay, caught the sage! Love it! Actually, the whole loaf sounds excellent but I truly love anything with sage... well, maybe not ice cream...
Now, if only I can slip it by the carnivore... - he'll never even notice...


Oh, this does sound fantastic!

And I second Kalyn's suggestion on a countertop oven. I've had one for years and use it all the time during the summer when it's way too hot to cook.


I saw this years ago in the Green's book but never tried it. After seeing your wonderful photo and how easy it is to make, I'm going to have to make it.
I'm so sympathetic of you having to cook in the heat, Sher. I remember the summers in Davis and Winters where cooking anything inside was madness. What can I say? Come visit and be cool!


What a loaf to remember! i have read about vegetarian meat loaf somewhere, but this one wins my heart. I'll defenitely try it out. Thanks Sher for another wonderful post.


I can't wait to try this. Looks like perfect lunch box fare.


It looks ever so wonderful and tasty! This loaf sounds very interesting. I'm going to save that recipe...


Yum. Cheese in a bread? In my book, that's just about the perfect meal. :)

Patricia Scarpin

I have never seen anything like this, Sher - it looks so good!

the chocolate lady

Madison is a goddess (and so are you!) I will be trying this.


Wow sher this looks all worth cranking up the oven ....

Anna Haight

This does look good!


This is why I love reading about what other bloggers cook. I become excited about making something I wouldn't even think about making otherwise. Cheese and nut loaf is something I would not have picked out on my own from that book (in fact, I don't remember seeing the recipe) but with such enthusiastic endorsement, it's something I'll try.


Gosh I love these nut loaves too. I have had this one too, but unbelievably rich. The thought of this on a sandwich with some of your tomatoes...

Morgan's Menu

i have generally of the opinion that the word "meat" and "loaf" should never go together under any circumstances....but this nut loaf is so outstanding and delicious! A vegetarian friend of mine brought it to a holiday dinner and even the non-vegetarians were taking a second helping!


max stewart

This recipe has been in our household's repetoire for over 10 years now. We have served it for our vegetarian guests on Christmas day, at Easter, or just as a change from meat or poultry for ourselves at weekends. It has always been a hit whether served hot, warm or cold the next day. I've even taken it to work in sandwiches. Next month I am hosting a long week-end in a Scottish Hunting Lodge in the Highlands for 24. The Saturday evening dinner is a semiformal traditional banquet with bag pipes and men in kilts - guess what the vegetarians will be served instead of the haunch of venison? Bet they have the better meal, and as a confirmed meat lover I'll be joining them!


Quite delightful! Very nicely done!



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When you made this, did you use the heavy cream for the sauce??


This is a fantastic recipe that I have been making it for years. The vegetarians (myself included) will be served this a Thanksgiving dinner at my house this year! The Greens restaurant (San Francisco) is not as good as it used to be, unfortunately!


I have been making this wonderful recipe for many years for Thanksgiving, for the vegetarians and everyone - all love it - a great classic!

Lyn Bishop

This is my hands down favorite holiday dinner. But beware, I did the math, and it's loaded with calories. But what the heck, gotta enjoy the holidays with good food. Enjoy.

Calories: 3975
Fat: 291g / 66%
- saturated fat 100g / 23%
- poly fat 98g / 22%
- mono fat 75g / 17%
Carbs: 168g / 14%
Protein: 200g / 20%


I decided to make bnnaaa bread, which I've struggled with lately (funny enough, my perfect bnnaaa bread post has had over 1000 hits on it in the last 24 hours).a0 I wanted a healthy, delicious

Ina Ferina

Looks great - making it tomorrow, got all the ingredients today! Question: how do you recommend I reheat this? I am making it for Thanksgiving on Wednesday, but will need to re-heat it at my mom's on Thursday. I am not a microwave person, but wondering if it will dry out if I put it in the oven wrapped in foil? Thank you!

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