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August 26, 2006



oh boy, really good rubbing! Upsie, you never fail to crack me up!


I love those chin rubbing shots! Isn't it funny the strange things they rub their chins on??


Smart Upsie! Great way to use the kayak.


Upsie, you da cat!


She's gotta mark the kayak before some stupid fish marks it first! Feline must not be outdone by fish!


I can't stop giggling about how her tongue is out in the 2nd shot! Too darn precious!


Ahh, cheek rubbing. Upsie, you've got it made. I do love the yellow kayak; it makes a wonderful contrast with your fur. Now, where's your picnic basket??

kross-eyed kitty

Ahh...the many uses for a kayak!
Love how she's got her tongue sticking out...too cute!


Upsie, you are such a lovely furry fluff, always there to entertain us with your unique ways of posing in front of the camera!

Your tongue sure does give you cute looks and your sweet heart shaped face crowned by those beautiful and piercing eyes delight me to the highest point...


upsie, you look so *expectant* sitting there in that kayak. are you awaiting a snack perhaps? what are you waiting for upsie?!! hee hee, so cute :)


Gattina & Kate,

Yes, cats sure like to rub their cheeks against things!! One time Upsie did something bad and I was shaking my finger at her, and she rubbed her face against my finger. She wasn't even listening to me, just looking at my finger.


Yes, Upsie thinks we should buy her a kayak, just to rub her face against.


That makes me think of School Of Rock "You the Man!"


She's marking it to ward off CATfish! Hee!

Jaye & Kross-eyes Kitty,

Upsie loves to stick out her tongue. It's odd!


A picnic would be nice--but Upsie says she's not leaving this yard, no matter how pretty the kayak is.


Upsie says you are her favorite poet--because you say such sweet poetic things about her! :):) Yes, she reads poetry all the time. :)


It's more brutal than that. She had just seen her arch nemesis--the pigeon. And she suddenly got her "I'm gonna get you sucka!" look on her face.

Bonnie in Virginia

I love your weekly posts about Upsie. Must be hot for her in the summer. I love the last picture with her big eyes and the photo with her tongue.


See, this is exactly what a kayak should be used for. Upsie has the right idea. So much better than being out on the water!


Upsie, dahling, yellow is YOUR color!

James Dutreaux

Your kitty loves kayaking! Super cute. I've heard of dogs kayaking, but not cats. Do you think cats can actually go on real kayaking trips? I wonder.... Thanks for the great post!

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