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My name is Sher, and I was born in the South to a family intensely involved with cooking, eating, and arguing about food. So, it's not hard to understand why food is such a dominant part of my life. The name of my blog comes from the fact that invariably the first thing members of my family ask each other, after any event, is "What did you eat?" This sparks an immediate discussion on the merits of the meal. Most of my family members have extremely strong views about the way food should be prepared, and this affected the way I view food. Essentially, food is often the ruling force in my life.

I moved to the Midwest when I was a child, which exposed me to new types of cuisine, in particular, Czech and other Eastern European food. I now live in Davis, California, a small town in the Central Valley, which suits me very much. I feel that this is my true home.

I'm married, an attorney (on a break), a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, and am owned by one cat and two birds.