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July 16, 2008



I've never eaten bison, but I'd love to taste that delicious looking meat! I'm pretty sure I'd love that meat! Your burger is drool-worthy!




Sher, this burger looks awesome...and I love bison's rich flavour.


What! That's terrible news!
But to move from 8 to 11: that is fabulous news worthy of great celebration and excitement!! So get happy here Sher. Let's hear a cheer!! Here, Here!!! Oh, right. The burger does look like a celebration well underway!! ;0))

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

So Catherine will get a promotion and replace him? Hmmmm... meanwhile I'm glad you're feeling a bit better -- keep eating those iron-rich foods!

Cape Cod Kitty

That bison burger looks very yummy and I am glad you have found a way to help with the anemia. Sorry to hear you will have to have surgery but you will feel much better afterwards and I am certain you will have kitty love to help you heal!


Ahhh... I love bison (God bless their sacrifice). It makes me think of what cow USED to taste like. I didn't know they were a superfood. Bonus for me and the Frog then. I should tell my aunt. She suffers from anemia.


So glad to hear your hemaglobin is improving. I've never tasted bison, no idea why not. This looks like a delicious burger though, love to taste it.


I had my first taste of bison when I was in Vancouver last month and loved it. Raved to Barrett about it. Haven't been able to find it in the stores here yet, though. Someday!


And of course, you can use ground bison to make meatballs!


You know I love a good burger and every once in awhile I indulge with the ground bison. It is so flavorful and rich tasting. Somewhere I actually saw a bison bulgogi burger served korean style with kimchi! Take that anemia!

Sue (coffeepot)

Sher that looks so good. We have a local bison butcher very nearby but I have never tried it.

I gave you a prestigious award.lol



What are your fav burger toppings/condiments?

Love the blog :)

P.S. I'm anemic too. Good on ya for working so hard so fast to get better.

Katie B.

Yum - looks great! I love bison and while I knew it was lean, I had no idea it had so much else going for it!


The first time I had buffalo was in CO at my aunt's house. I was 13 and I thought she was kidding. It tasted like a burger to me. :)


oh my gawwwwd, i've been dying to try bison and that looks divine.
and a part of my soul died today when i read that news about gil/william (we're on first-name basis). i'm the creep who finds it necessary to relate every moment of life to an episode of csi (well there's so damn many episodes you can relate it to just about anything!) unfortunately, i think i read this news on perezhilton so that negates any pity i deserve.


WHAAAAT??!??! He's leaving??? Where did you hear that?! First Sara, then maybe Warrick, and now GRISSOM!?! Jesus.

Now I need a new favourite show.


Mmmmm that bison looks yummy. So sorry to hear you have to have the op - thats yucky and scary... How are you feeling?

And noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo to Grissom leaving. I'm now actually sad (which is slightly sad in and of itself...) xoxo


I just love bison, it makes the best burgers and has the nicest flavor! And I love it that its a superfood.


Hi Sher! It's been a while and I wanted to stop by to say hello. I am going through the motions with my anemia as well and have been trying to eat iron rich foods for the longest time but it has not helped at all. After a bad bout with too much iron recently, I am going to try Slow Fe (time released iron). If that doesn't work I don't know what we can do. I hope you are doing well!! :)


I love bison meat. It just tastes so much better compared to beef.


Those pictures look delicious. I am sure I would love to have one of the burgers. Never tasted bison meat though...I would like to binge on this one.

Jollibee Philippine

Well, this Big Fat Bison Burger makes me feel hungry. Looks so delicious. Wish I can also go there and have a taste of it myself. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. I enjoyed reading it.



Mmmm. I stumbled on this post late on a Saturday night. Mmmmm. Iron to boot. LOL

Barry @ hand blender

Just to think how many people think beef burgers are unhealthy!

Not only is this burger recipe super delicious ( just looking at the pic is making my mouth water ) but it's healthy & nutritious too!

Lovely :-)


Great for you! Is that really a bison? I haven't heard of a bison burger but this proves it. Thanks for posting!

Bill Meinhart

This all started as a search for Meta givens Cookbook for a pork ribs rescipe.

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