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March 02, 2006



Oh this looks yummy. I've made pumpkin cornbread but not sweet potato. It's going on my list!



Karina, I've made pumpkin bread before and it tastes very good, so I'm sure it would work in cornbread too. You have a very nice site, by the way.


I was just reading about a bread like this last night! From the kitchen of Molly Katzen... squash bread is what I think she called it. It sounded intriguing, though I'm not usually a fan of sweet things. This bread you've made is beautiful - and it looks tasty... and not too sweet. I will be trying it!

Thank you.


I agree with you Anne, cornbread that's too sweet is strange to me. This recipe is just slightly sweet. Can't imagine why some recipes call for a cup of sugar. Shudder!


I am not wild about cornbread that is sweet either. But sweetening with yams rather than sugar really appeals to me. This looks really good. Hmmmm, I bet adding a few chopped green chilies would be fun.


(Found you through Kalyn's weekend herb blogging)


Hi Elizabeth,

Yes, I think green chili's are great in cornbread. And corn kernals too. hmm--things to put in cornbread??


I made your cornbread the other day, using 6 Thai green chillies. The chillies were much hotter than I thought they were going to be so I think I'd use fewer the next time. And maybe add some oven-dried tomatoes too.

Thanks for the recipe, Sher. It really is good - beautifully fluffy - quite different from our usual quite grainy cornbread that we love as well.


Here's what I did to your recipe:


This looks delicious - have mentioned it on my blog with a link. Kind regards.


This recipe reads and sounds DELICIOUS!!! I am a big fan of sweet potatoes. I believe this cornbread might go wonderfully with our ham for Easter :) YUMMY. Thanks for sharing.

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