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June 10, 2008



Now you made me long for chickpea patties Sher! better get some chickpeas today!


Like you, I love meatballs and chickpeas! Those patties look extremely colorful and tasty! Yummy!




Sher, they look awesome..convert any chickpea haters out there!


I really really need a chickpea patty now! So pretty Sher! So much basil in the back yard, I'll use that.

Patricia Scarpin

I'm a sucker for chickpeas, Sher, but have never made patties like these. YUM!


I def have to try this one!!! Yummmmmy!

Sue (coffeepot)

Those sure do look good.


quite frankly, i adore every single component of this concoction. chickpeas rule (especially in hummus), cilantro is my favorite herb of all time, and that tomato jam...my stars, it sounds great! i know exactly what i want for supper tonight. here's hoping i follow through! :)


Those chickpea patties sound both tasty and healthy and the "jam" sounds really good too.


Those look really good!
I do have 2 questions ....
What amount (cups) is a 15 oz can? I like to cook my own from dried.
And, do these keep, for a lunchbox the next day?

Thanks for all the yummy ideas.

Marc @ NoRecipes

MMmm yummm! I love anything with chickpeas in it. It's such a versatile ingredient. The cherry and tomato combo on top looks interesting too!

Marc @ NoRecipes

MMmm yummm! I love anything with chickpeas in it. It's such a versatile ingredient. The cherry and tomato combo on top looks interesting too!


That looks yummm-my! I'm guessing they taste a bit like Indian vadai.


Yum again! I love anything with the dynamic duo! You're so talented at coming up with these combinations.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

The patties look great, but that jam is really calling to me. I love dried cherries, and I've used them in everything from salad to meatloaf.


these patties have your name written allover!
In this area I live, people tend to eat the meat with pretty high fat, so I have stopped making meatball. Now you inspire me to go for alternative!


OMG!!! Fabulous. Once again, just the best.


I'm glad you keep making them, because they all look so wonderful!!


found out about this post from today's link on SFist. these look great and remind me of the delicious chickpea cutlets that i made using a recipe from the veganomicon cookbook. i highly recommend both the recipe and the cookbook. i recently made the chickpea cutlets for a group of friends on a weekend getaway and they were very well received. i'll definitely be giving your recipe a try. thanks!


mmmmh yummy! this looks so good!
now I am hungry again. Dhur! and it is already 11 pm here and I should NOT eat anything that late *looks at the empty bowl of cherries* ... :)


I made a note on the last chickpea pattie to try... Then life happened.
Maybe tonight, they look soooo good! And, I think I have a handful of peas lurking...


They sound fabulous! I'm looking forward to trying this, as we just ordered a 5 kilo bag of dried chickpeas! Yum!

Mary Lou Breima

Can I print this recipe without the pictures and comments. I hope I don't have to apologize for being not too computer literate. I am cooking literate, and I want to taste this recipe, and take it to my next potluck (in which some members have gluten, milk, onion family allergies.) We're all kind of elderly.

I'll let you know about the reactios, but we all need to have more beans and less meat.

Mary Lou


Lots of colors = Tasty and delicious. I'll try your recipe with chickpea flour and see what happens :)


I made these today, thanks!

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