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June 01, 2008



I love that you turned a can of regular soup into something so much better!!


Your kicked-up version of the canned soup sounds delicious. I do agree that a few fresh herbs will make absolutely anything taste better!


Fantastic Sher! Don't we all find our selves in the "dusty can top" fix from time to time. You saved the day.


Sher, this is the best looking chowder I've seen in awhile...it's a little cooler today...soup's on!


occasionally I crave for canned soup... it's weird I know, or I should say, I crave for high-sodium food. But I'd never ever add much salt if I make soup from scratch, so let me fool myself and go for can. Great tip about adding herbs Sher!


That is one tasty looking soup.

Sue (coffeepot)

lol..I have had cans of soup before that could use a makeover.

Soup Swan with sher as cosmetic advisor.

I often crave cream of mushroom for some reason.

Wandering Chopsticks

Thanks for your submission. I love corn chowder. Hehe, I like being called marvelous! ;) Thanks even more for that!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Love your ingredient list for this recipe! Isn't it fun to find odd things in the pantry and turn them into something wonderful? Not only are you creating a great new dish, but you're cleaning the pantry at the same time!

Katie B.

I love your ingredient list - the dustier the better! :)


OHMYGAWD, beautiful! We must have ESP. I've been wanting corn chowder for the last week!

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