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June 06, 2008



Hey there Shoe-Head! You look all, "What? My head wasn't just jammed all up in that shoe. WHAT?"
I think you have pretty small feet, Sher. Laura could go a-sailing in the boats I call shoes.
I'm going to try to convince Kami to appear for WCB because he always likes it best when you're hosting. How's the tummy?


Too cute. I love the look on kitty's face. Caught red-handed. Catnip does mysterious things to cats...always a fun time to watch them react to it!

Baking Soda


My ownee once re-enacted the way we react to catnip in a public place. She embarrassed us. A lot!


Dear little kitty, you look so funny with a shoe on your head!


Okay, Kamikaze and his big giant teeth have agreed to make an appearance! http://igot2shoes.blogspot.com/2008/06/wcb-idontknow-danger-danger.html
We both thank you for hosting this weekend and, again, hope that you're feeling better already!


She looks like she needs a good run around after that! We've realized we need scratching pads all around the house to save our furniture, it generally seems to work, tina goes for the pad instead of the sofa if she's getting frisky!


I can't tell whether she is dazed from the catnip or the other possible odor(s) inside the shoe!
We welcome new babies over at Corgifeathers this week.
Thanks for hosting!



I love that look on her face! I see that 'spaced out' look often on my own catnip fiends!!

Speaking of which.....



Love that photo. Hope you're feeling better, Sher!


Stasia says that she would be happy to hold an intervention and um... confiscate all that catnip. For Laura's own good, you know!

Our link for the week: http://zazamataz.com/?p=1084

Kelly Cat

All this past week, posts on 'It's all Good.' have been about Caitie the calico, since it was 11 years ago today that we adopted her.


What a funny expression! Years ago, I had a cat who would fall all over my boyfriend's shoes, but there was no catnip involved. Very odd.

Perhaps Sasha is dreaming of catnip... or shoes... http://musicandcats.com/2008/06/feline-friday-dreaming/


Wow, that must be SOME catnip! Woo hoo! If your head gets stuck we'll take it off you. Just to help yanno.
Anyways, this week's post is
Alla Us Hotties

Samantha & Mr. Tigger

Here is our entry for WCB! Tigger is trying to hoard in on my favorite spot! Thanks for hosting Sher and cute pictures of cat in shoe!!
Your FL furiends,


Hilarious! Laura's really growing fast!

Thanks for hosting WCB!

Here's my link:



Artsy Catsy

Oh, that's so cute!! :-)

Here's our post: http://artsycatsy.blogspot.com/2008/06/city-trashing-party.html

Rocky & staff


Great roundup, thanks for hosting. Here's Meowza's post http://imeowza.com/2008/06/07/caturday-tummy/


So cute! Thanks for hosting - we're a little last minute (it's Sunday evening here) but we'd love to join too - Puddy's playing with her new toy from America, but she keeps ripping the feathers off! Here's our linkie:


Katie and Puddy

Kashim & Othello

Uh oh we are so late... Momma forgotted to leave our link here before she went to have breakfast with her friends this morning :(
so here it is:

smoooches and kissies and hugs to you all!

CatSynth (Amar and Luna)

We're late, too :(
Hopefully we can make it in - we love visiting with little Laura



Well Mom's late with this as usual: http://breadchick.com/?p=381

Hope we aren't too late!


I was way too late to send in a link, actually I haven't even put up a post yet! But I wanted to say I am enjoying all of the WCB links and I love the picture of Laura with her head in the shoe! And then, what big eyes she has!


Laura is such a dollbaby. I'm so glad you have her.

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