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June 12, 2008



The couscous salad looks great. It certainly cheers me up. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.http://closetcooking.blogspot.com/

This week the Presto Pasta Night Roundup is hosted by Kevin at Closet Cooking.

I hope the doctor does something pronto to get you some sleep...deprivation is no joking matter.


What a bright, healthy and tasty looking couscous salad! I hope you get some sleep soon! Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

Patricia Scarpin

I hope you get better soon, my dear. I truly do.


Sher this salad looks totally wonderful. I'm on my way for spinach. Just what I need spinach. Now let's see . . . tuna ...I think maybe ok tuna!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Oh, Sher, I do hope you find some relief from this soon -- lack of sleep makes me crazy.


I eat a lot of couscous salads during the summer... Yours looks fantastic and refreshing!



Cape Cod Kitty

So sorry to hear about the crazy leg business. I have had that often and find it is helped by taking a calcium/magnesium supplement. Always happens if I have wine..
Hope it eases out soon.


Aw, Sher! I have RLS too, to a lesser degree. I noticed it over 20 years ago but thought it was just me, until I read about it as one of the five signs of sleep apnea about a decade ago (I have three of the signs). Luckily it doesn't bother me when I sleep, but it is getting more frequent, so that may be coming down the pike for me. Cape Cod Kitty is right--I've heard about the calcium/magnesium supplement, so you may want to try that. Also, this is going to sound insane, but a popular folk remedy for nighttime leg cramps and RLS is putting a bar of soap under the sheets where your legs are. Do a Google search on it if you don't believe me!


I never knew couscous was a pasta! Thanks for enlightening me (now I have even more options for PPN!) I echo Lydia's comments..sleep deprivation is NOT fun.


I am not sure if this will help you or not, but I have bouts of RLS that usually coincide with flares from my fibro and I got so tired of being doped up - I went off all meds. Yogi Tea makes herbal tea called Kava Kava - and I tried it for relaxation - and of all things - it tamed my legs.

The salad looks great. I was some place and got a Mediterrian plate for lunch and they had tabbouleh on it - which I don't like. Bulgar wheat and my taste buds don't agree - but I loved this - and then figured out - it was because it wasn't real tabbouleh, it was a couscous salad...Yeah!


Nice site you have here :o) I too suffer from RLS, it feels like (sorry for this in advance)worms are crawling through your veins...yuck! Anyway, I've been taking Requip and it really helps. It has a few side effects, but it's worth it to finally not spend the whole night moving my legs back and forth.


those look very yummy! i love to eat something light and easy nowadays, so i'd probably try your recipe, thanks!


Delicious-looking! I love couscous!



Lemon chive...that sounds fab!


Many folks can't empathize with what lack of sleep can do to a person (although not the sweet people who've left comments here). You put on a good front but I know it's no joking matter. I hope relief comes soon! Great cous cous dish!


Get thee a paintball gun...great for pms and nights without sleep :)
The salad sounds wonderful and refreshing!


For years I avoided couscous... It's very popular here in France and, usually, rather dry and sparsely garnished. Then I decided to make it myself (it's sooooo hard) and, like you, loaded it up with yummy stuff. Now I love it. And this looks delicious...though I'll use Greek yogurt instead of cream... 'cause that's what's in the fridge!


Oh I'm so sorry to hear you have RLS ... I have a friend that suffers and suffer is the word! Thanks for still posting and sharing your delicious dinner.


Wow, that's one of the best looking pasta dishes I've seen in a long time. I bet it tasted just as great as it is healthy for you!

So sorry about the legs. That is so very frustrating. I can get a paint ball gun for you...oh, maybe not such a good idea to arm you... :-)


You make something this great when you are grumpy? I am impressed.

I get that RLS about once a month..feels like I am getting electric shocks up and down my legs. A warm bath helps me...in the middle of the night. Best of luck to you.


Oh restless leg syndrome is terrible, I had it when I was pregnant really badly but still suffer but not as often...I take sleeping meds which is a terrible solution. I don't know about you but I find it much worse when I drink red wine too. Check any medication you might be on, that can trigger RLS but alot of doctors aren't familiar with which ones can cause it...your pharmacist will know. Also, I find those horrible old lady creams with menthol in them help a little bit.
I love your salad recipes, I'm always looking for salad recipes in the summer....and vegetarian recipes too....right now I'm in search of some nice cold soup recipes which might be more filling than some of the delicate ones which seem to be common.


I'm typing this at 6 AM; I'm cruisin' the Internet because my legs won't let me sleep. Sorta ironic, I guess. I also cook a lot - maybe it's the standing in the kitchen that keeps the RLS at bay.

For those gluten-intolerant, this would probably work well with quinoa. I think I'll try it.

For more help with the RLS, head over to rls.org. They have an excellent message board with lots of links, tips, pharma and non-pharma advice, etc. Lots of docs aren't as educated as they should be...which means we, the patients, have to be. Hope you are sleeping tonight.


great looking dish and I hope you feel better sher.

Mendor Ran

Thanks for sharing such a great recipe after a sleepless night =)

Mendor Ran


So sorry! My mom and brother deal with the leg thingie; I hope you can solve it.

... nice salad though;)

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