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June 23, 2008


Baking Soda

the old bugaboo, love that! Specifically in this recipe so true!
Love the looks of your bread Sher, I don't mind you took a bite of my turkey burger just mail it as it is ok?


This bread looks great. Amazing how fluffy and light it is. Fantastic!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

I haven't made rye bread for years -- like maybe 25 years -- and now I wonder why not? I do love it, it makes great sandwiches, and unless you are mixing by hand (the rye flour is very hard to work), it's not any more complicated to make than other breads. Your photos are tempting me!


Your loaf looks marvelous! I'd love to have a bite of that scrumptious sandwich!



Sue (coffeepot)

Looks really good!


Loo9k how wonderfully risen your dough is! Wow! Mine didn't even come close. Yours is beautiful and your sandwich is divine. Yum.


Sher, do you have room for me at the table for a turkey sandwich. That loaf looks wonderful. I'm glad it worked out for you.


Um . . . you got me with that turkey burger sandwich girl! Rye is maybe my favorite and this is really a wonderful loaf.


Wow, look how much yours rose! Glad to see it went well for you.


Beautiful loaf - and great job!

And ... ground squirrels? Um ... you'll have to elaborate maybe?


wow, Sher! It looks great and the photos are gorgeous!


the bread looks lovely and I am so glad my starter I made using breadchick's instructions was finished two days ago.
can't wait to give it a try :o)

P.S. hope you are feeling a bit better!!


I tasted the bread a few minutes ago and I love love love it :o))


Wow, the crumb looks so light! I was expecting it to be much denser looking.

I'm starting to get quite scared about the flour though. When I first saw the recipe, I thought everything would be fine. Errrrm, we'll see....


Ohhh, that looks gorgeous!
I'm so sorry I missed this one...but I'm finding it a challenge to get dinner on the table.... And mon mari is just slowly getting his appetite back.
But I could have eaten it all myself... I'm pretty sure I could!


I would like to say you that "KEEP IT UP!".I realy liked your site!


test topic

Senks, good luck

Rob Poulos

That looks delicious! I wish I had the recipe! =)

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