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June 08, 2008



I agree -- food that is small, like meatballs, always tastes better than the same food made into a single meat loaf. Go figure! Hope these delicious meatballs helped you feel better.


shere those look so delicious, i love gingery ground up chickem, mmmm

you make the best meatballs, one day you should publish a book!

((hope you feel better, sniff))


those meatballs look so yummy! i'm always trying to find good meatball recipes (i've mastered the swedish meatballs, but thats about it!) so i'll definitely give these a try!


This looks fabulous! I love ginger in meatballs, it is one of my favorite things.


Wow, this is so perfect. I'm so with you on the size of small meat balls and little patties! I just did some small patties the other night and plan it again for tonight. Pretty nice to use from your garden ;)) always makes me happy.


And so happy you tummy is happier!!


mmmmmh that looks sooo yummy!
May I come over and have a bite? Never made meatballs out of chicken but I love the idea with ginger root and chicken - I definitely have to try these!


Chicken in the guise of more Beef-associated dishes is so underrated, and the smell from that Ginger root frying must be sensational.


Been a while since I've had fresh ginger around here...hmmm..perhaps need to change that


Well, I am pretty certain that your meatballs will soothe a hungry stomach, upset or not.

They sound delicious, and I have taken the liberty of copying your recipe to my collection.

Thanks for the great post.


Oh DAMN! I wish I had read this post about an hour ago!!! I just thinned my radishes and what did I do with the little radish sprouts that are not destined to be big radishes?

They are currently in the middle of my compost pile...

Sher, these look fabulous and I'm going to remember this for when my radishes are big.

Marc @ NoRecipes

Ooo looks delicious! I bet this would be great with some scrambled eggs too!


I love radish tops, sometimes even more than their counterweights... also ginger is good for upset tummies! Glad yours didn't rebel.


Wow this recipe is absolutely brilliant, I really want 2 try it out! very nice photos!

Mrs. L

Those look so good! And I agree that little bites always seems to taste better.


Ginger definitely gives these meat balls another kick for the flavor,
They look wonderful!


Hey Sher - Looks great. I ran into a little problem in a village outside of Sapa in North Vietnam, it was amazing how sugar cane boiled in ginger juice had me fixed up in no time.....actually, just in time for dinner!


What scrumptious looking meatballs! Very tasty!



Rachelle ~ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!"

These sound great! Will have to make us some.


Those look amazing, healthy, and delicious. I will put it on my "must make list." Thanks for sharing.


Sounds fantastic!

Many thanks for a great WHB entry! :D


Guess what?

It wasn't too late to fish those greens out of the compost heap after all!

The meatballs (actually, I made patties) tasted great!

I used kojuchang instead of regular chili/garlic paste (which I consider very mundane).

Brought me back to some of the fantastic food I enjoyed when in the Army in the Korean war.

Thanks for the recipe!


Seriously, what a wonderful thing. They look so delicious, comforting, healthy....what more could you ask for?


I'm Sophie, Key Ingredient's Chief Blogger. We would like to feature this recipe on our blog. Please email [email protected] if interested. Thanks :)



I'm Sophie, Key Ingredient's Chief Blogger. We would like to feature this recipe on our blog. Please email [email protected] if interested. Thanks :)



This sounds absolutely delicious. I actually don't eat regular meatballs, so seeing a yummy recipe for them using chicken instead (which I do eat) is so heartening :) I'm hoping you're over your sickness by now...keep the recipes coming! I'm definitely a fan.


Tasty recipe, I recommend a few options. Add some sugar, garlic, lime juice in the blend. Also, grate the radishes and chicken seperately, then mix together with panko and all other ingredients and grate them all at once. I'd also recommend lower heat because browning occurs fast on medium heat.


Mouth-watering, I really love these tiny meatballs. They looks so cute and delicious, to tell you the truth, as I tried, the ginger root, and Asian garlic chili sauce that you added really give this recipe a refreshing change, I love them very much. Thank you so much for sharing :D

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