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May 06, 2008



I am wowed by these Sher, they really look lovely. Might have to try these on the vegetarians!


Those balls really look like meatballs! Delicious!




Mushroom balls with feta sound really good!


ha--schweddy balls! that's one of my all-time favorite snl skits, and it usually comes to mind when i hear about, see, or eat meatballs. awesome reference, and awesome recipe! i'm sure your vegetarian (and non-vegetarian, for that matter) buds appreciate it! :)


Wow, they look just delicious! Love the combination of mushrooms with feta.


Oh my goodness.... those look fantastic! What a great idea!


OMG those look delicious! Will def have to break them out on the veggies. Actually will prob break them out on everyone and not tell them. Mwahahahaha!


Awwww, thanks, Sher!! I can't wait to try these! I'll make them and post it on my blog with photos, too! You're the best.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

I always keep ends of bread in the freezer, to be ground into bread crumbs when I need a few for recipes like this. I mix all different kinds of bread together -- it's fun, and frugal.


Oh Sher...these are wonderful and they look like real meat!

You got this from greekrecipes.com? These must be a Lenten dish and I'm intrigued to try it out, wonderful dish.


These look great Sher! I had beef meatballs last evening myself, as we are meatball fans here also! I will be trying your recipe out very soon! Mushrooms, great idea!


mmmm. I'll have to try these. I've been very lazy and I've been buying veggie meatballs from trader joes for a really nice pizza topping, I'll have to try these soon! I've got a portabella craving and that will go nicely in these...

Chef Erik

Shizam! Very nice, I love mushrooms. They can be used in so many ways. I make a lentil burger with lots of mushrooms, very yummy. You should submit it to my Veg Head carniavl. Details are on my sidebar. Hope you can make it, I could use a greaat recipe like this :)


it is always great to see vegetarian dishes that can entice meat eaters as well as the converted :-) These look like they would be superb with spaghetti and tomato sauce


These mushroom meatballs looks absolutely delicious and so healthy too!


Yummy- and I love that really different sauce recipe.


I think you made a new recipe I have to try. They look wonderful!


Awesome! They SO remind me of some of the loaves we had when I was growing up (as a vegetarian) - the things we'd have at big family meals. Yum!


The best thing of all about this recipe is that it is lo carb! Finally, something that isn't held together by white flour. This is great! Thanks for coming up with it. I just happen to have a bunch of mushrooms on hand...

Laurie Constantino

Terrific recipe! And I definitely agree with you about the food processor and duxelles. After getting similar comments to yours about Alec Baldwin, I ended up changing the name of a recipe in my book from Spinach Balls to Spinach Fritters...


Oh my! I am printing this recipe off right this minute. I'm a huge mushroom fan, not to mention a feta fiend. Lovely!


Wow, I'm going to cook them TODAY!


I've been making Italian meatballs for some time now and have been looking for a vegetarian solution.

Here are some things you might consider...
Instead of the parmesan and feta, try Pecorino Romano-- not regular Romano (made from cow's milk), but Pecorino (made from sheep's milk). It's got the salty bite of feta. I like to think of it as a seasoning cheese :)

I'm a huge fan of using fresh thyme with savory dishes like this.

However, Italian/flat-leaf parsley would be good if you just want a lemony finish to the taste. I prefer the herbal notes that thyme brings to the table. I would highly advise against using regular parsley.

I would skip the onion and go right for garlic. 1-2 cloves, minced. More if you want :)

Account Deleted

Nice recipe !! I like the dishes which are easy to cook and serve in less time and does't need any rocket nice for cooking. And that's the reason chicken wings are among my favorites.



So happy you tried these! I totally know what you mean about loanidg up on them at the olive bar and it gets expensive! I love the yellow pepper these look great! I think our mushrooms are on sale at Publix this week, may have to make another batch!xo[]

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