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May 13, 2008



Those Chickpea Pancakes look extremely good! I love chickpeas, so I'm sure I'd gobble those scrumptious pancakes in a matter of minutes ;-P...




I've never had chickpea pancakes before. It seems like a must try :)


quite often I don't feel like having meat, but have a crave for protein... these wonderful pancakes are the way to go!


Mmmm - what a lovely, simple mid-week recipe! Thanks for sharing :)

Patricia Scarpin

I love, love, love chickpeas, Sher! These pancakes would make me so happy right now. ;)


I would love to try these! They look absolutely drool-worthy in the photo. I can tell I love everything about this recipe (bookmarked!) I also love cumin, and I agree, the cumin from Penzeys is the best! I'm actually working on a Penzeys order right now, checking to see what I need!


Ohhhh, these look SO GOOD. I've made something like this with chickpea flour -- called chana flour, and gotten from the Indian section of an Asian market -- but I hadn't ever just whizzed up chickpeas from a can. These look TASTY!


They look delicious! What a great idea, Sher.


Sher, nicely browned. I like the combo of chickpeas and cumin, ever try it?


Flat Falafel? Yum!


ooh, good call davimack! how could anyone resist flat falafel? these look spectacular!


I love chickpeas, so I'm sure I would love these!


So, I'm now wondering why I don't keep a can or two or these in my pantry (and adding them to the grocery list!) These look like they would be fantastic little appies for a party.


Sounds amazing - must try them!


That is a pow on the forehead "Why didn't I think of that." So very perfect! I'm always a pushover for chickpeas. . . um is that because I'm a chick . . . or now wait I'm a babe! Either way I love chickpeas!!


I too am appreciating the convenience of the humble chickpea. And agree this is a quick falafel-esque meal w/o the frying! Hope you are feeling well.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Great pantry scrounging! I love dishes that come together from odds and ends.


lovely! i love chickpeas and this is such a creative way to use them!

Marc @ NoRecipes

These look fantastic! I bet this would be good with a bit of thai sweet chili sauce on the side.


:) Those look yummy! I will have to try those...I think my mom would love them.

baking soda

Again, I want to have dinner at your house! These look scrumptious!

India J

I'm so glad I came across your blog (quite by chance)...it's awesome (as you say in the US) !
I love it...I'm going to try quite a few of your lovely recipes, thanks for sharing them :)


These sound pretty tasty, especially with the tomato chipotle sauce.


those look fabulous! i love this kind of thing and i def don't eat enough chick peas.yummm!

i just bought the small plates cookbook that i think i read about on your blog. wow!!


Oh, I am loving this idea... I just wont tell hubby it is chickpeas.


Between your chickpea pancakes, and Alanna's spinach-egg cakes, meat free meals are cinch!


Between your chickpea pancakes, and Alanna's spinach-egg cakes, meat free meals are cinch!


Those look to die for and I know exactly what you mean. I have days too where I simply don't want to eat meat of any kind.


What a good idea to make pancakes with chickpeas! They sound delicious.


Made those for dinner last night - they are absolutely delicious, thanks for posting!

I bet the same method will work for other veggies (cooked cauliflower comes to mind... hummmm....)

I managed to save one for my lunch today! :-)

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