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May 09, 2008



What a noble nose!


I hear peanut butter is pretty tasty! :)

This weekend Puddy is demonstrating that she has real issues - she's sleeping with her nose pressed up against a smelly old sock!

Cats are very strange! (Stranger than humans, I'm sure!)

Thanks for hosting...
Katie and Puddy

Our linkie: http://www.byootaful.com/?p=1612


Can't wait to see the cupcakes!

Sundance, does this mean you're already shoving off your chores like hosting WCB on Laura? Smart kitty!

Kashim & Othello

Hi yall!
we are sad about Braum Kitty and Rimbaud too!

Mmmmmh the cupcakes sound delishious, momma is drooling *hehe*

here is our link for this week: http://catboys.paulchens.org/?p=329

love and hugs
Kashim and Othello and Momma Astrid


That is awful news! I have to stop by. My computer has been broken most of the week.

The lectionary readings for this weekend:


I agree on the peanut butter frosting being ugh. Meowza has two posts, the usual Caturday one http://imeowza.com/2008/05/10/caturday-me/ and one in memory of Braum Kitty and Rimbaud http://imeowza.com/2008/05/09/untimely-deaths/ Meowza has his own way of remembering the beloved kitties.


Thanks for hosting this week's WCB! They look so cute!

That's ever so sad!

Here's my link:



Sleeping Mommy

happy weekend cat blogging! I finally got a caturday post up, please include us!



I have two things too... why when you jealous still look darn adorable ?! and your mom is a supermom, she's probably planning on chicken cupcakes with salmon spread for your next birthdays :)


Thanks for hosting, Tina would like to say hi!



Will ya look at the mug on that orangey cat!

CatSynth (Amar and Luna)

Hi Laura, you did a good job at your first WCB!

Here's our late entry:

Happy Mother's Day, what could be better than a new kitten.

But we were sad to hear about Braum Kitty and Rimbaud.


Trust me, Laura and Pumpkin, cupcakes are good. Very, very good. Happy Mother's Day, Sher. Your little babies are looking adorable as always.

So sorry to hear about the news. Our kitties should be allowed to stay with us forever.


Thanks for putting the WCB together. Here's our link:


Unfortunately, it's a sad link bc it's about our sweet Smudgie, who died recently.

On a happier note, I love cupcakes!

Kashim & Othello

Perfect round up Laura! You did a great job!
kissies and headbutts to your momma Sher!


Bustopher loves peanut butter....it's his favorite treat!

I'm sorry to have missed WCB this past weekend. Laura did a great job on the Roundup.

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