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May 31, 2008



I can imagine how you feel, but those are memories to cherish... I miss Upsie too!

OMG, that squirrel is extremely cute!!!



CatSynth (Amar & Luna)

We miss Upsie, too, and remember all those summer images of her out in the garden, with the flowers or vegetables.


Here's to Upsie! [raises glass of wine]

Caption to that second squirrel photo should be, "I has a nut!"


I'd lkie to believe that Upsie still guards to tomatoes and you. Why else would they be doing so wll.


Wonderful to see Upsie again.
She made me smile and blink back something or other.
Thanks to you of the fourth comment -- Now I know where the smile came from.

Cape Cod Kitty

I remember that picture of Upsie and it perfectly captures her beauty. I think of her everytime I visit your site and know her loss must tug at your heart. Sweet girl.
The baby squirrel is so cute and growing!
Happy weekend!


Those squirrel pictures just may be the end of me!


Awwww. I miss Upsie, too. You've got to train Laura to stomp the tomato worms, though I don't think her paws are ever going to be as fierce as Upsie's were. That squirrel is crazy cute. Sorry I havven't mailed you lately, Sher - my PC was busted for awhile and it's back, but still randomly crashing from time to time. Kamikaze's behind me filling up the apartment with meows. I've been thinking about you and hope you're well. Looking at your cherries spurred SUCH a craving over here. Just so you know!

Kashim & Othello and Momma Astrid

What a wonderful pic of sweet Upsie!

Memories are bittersweet sometimes you're right. the Boys celebrated their Gotcha Day on Friday and there I sat trying to type a blog post for them and back came all the memories the sweet, the happy and the sad one and only today I was able to finish the post...

This morning I digged out my Sundance Barm of the frigde and as I feed him I thought of Sundance and Upsie and Paul playing together ... and Upsie whapping them and shaking her head when they were playing too silly *smile*
*hehe* some on my friends would say: Cat people are weird. I say yes but noone can take away all those sweet moments from us and - at least my - life would be so much less colorful without them near me !

Sending hugs to you and Laura and Pumpkin!
tickles to the baby squirrel :)

Astrid, Kashim & Othello


I agree that Upsie is still there, guarding and watching.
Now, must go back to find squirrel pix everyone else is talking about!


I'm so glad you posted this photo of Upsie. She was such a sweetie and the MOST photogenic kitty I've ever seen. Hugs, Sher.

But yes, that cute squirrel can't help but make you smile, right?


oooh Upsie, how much I miss you too ...


Awww. So sorry. I miss Upsie too and I never even met her. Really, my heart is with you.

Love from VA.


Aawww, Upsie looks very regal in that picture -- the queen of the tomato plants. She was a beautiful cat.

The little squirrel guy? Too, too cute!

Joy T.

I saw Upsie in my new feed and had to scan down and see her beautiful face again. I miss her too! That baby squirrel is too cute for words. Look at him with his big ol...almond...brazil....chestnut...I can never get the nuts straight :o)

Pia K

She was very special, sweet Upsie. I completely understand those bittersweet feelings when one comes in contact with all those things and places around us that were special to those we've lost and miss...

As usual, the cutest ever squirrelpics:)


I started reading your blog from 2005, I'm really into reading food blogs to improve my cooking. I cried when you cats went away , I felt Upsie was my friend. I wish you the best and love your food. Beth


Dear Sher, Upsie and Sundance, I know you are both gone from this physical earthly level, but I wanted to write a comment here anyway. I really miss all of you and the blogging adventures with kitties and food. I keep checking in here hoping that you will be back here somehow. You really did touch my heart through this venue.

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