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May 23, 2008



Sharing you Mom with another sweet creature must not be very funny...

You are growing into the most beautiful and classy black kitty I have ever seen! That baby squirrel is just tooooooo cuuuuute!!!



Baking Soda's Milo

Hi there, is that an unscratched leather chair in the background? I could teach you some nice tricks to get attention...
It works every time in my house! Bet she forgets all about the tiny one. Moohahaa
Love, Milo


Will you look at those adorable cutie-patooties! What sweeties. But of course, the kitty-cat is still the cutest.

Kashim & Othello

Laura to us you are very cute!! Momma says she can't decide whether you look like a little angel or a little devil in this pic... maybe you're a devlish angel hehehe

purrrrs Kashim & Othello

Peee Ess Momma says to tell you she is working on somefing she calls seed culture whut ever that may be... she says someday she will make bread out of it. I say it stinks - Othello


These two are up for grabs in the cute department! I love your animal photos!
Better keep Milo away from Laura! Save the leather!


Ahhhhhhhh, the new baby is soooooo cute!


Apples and oranges little Laura...nobody's cuter than you! : )


You're getting a big vocabulary there. No reason to be disgruntled, though, you're still the cutest :)


The little squirrel toenails are going to slay me!!


Laura, you're still a cutie in my book!

Desiree Sevoir

This picture is adorable! most people see squirrels as pests but I saved an abandoned baby and theyre just like hamsters or other small pets

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