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May 17, 2008



I see starting Sunday we're into the 90's and I'm sure that's going to be the last of our cool.
Amazing how you get them to 'pose'!


she's getting to be a real beauty! Its going to be 102 where I'm going to ride my bike today! Ick. Hope it cools down soon for you.


Squirrel cooties! That Laura....she's a stitch!

CatSynth (Amar and Luna)

It's pretty hot here, too! (97F yesterday)
But we're doing our best to enjoy it.

Laura is growing quite quickly, it seems. She has those same long ears as Luna :)


You must be by us. It's hot here too! We got you in for WCB for tomorrow.


Such cute creatures always make my heart melt... Yes, Laura is growing real fast! She now looks like an Egyptian cat.



Joy T.

I think that would be about 38 C for us and I can't even imagine that kind of heat. The past two summers we have reached temps of up to 32 and we are just not used to that kind of heat here in the north. Damn near killed me too! Hang in there. I hope it starts cooling off for you soon.


why oh WHY is it so hot already sher? ugh!

oh brother squirrels in the house

Mrs. L

I understand the heat stuff. When I got in my car to go to work Friday morning it said 82 degrees...at 8 AM!
That squirrel picture is too cute!


No way! That's soooo hot for it being this early. No wonder Mom's cranky.

Skidget's adorable, btw.

Yaffa & Sebastian

Wow 101F that is hot, where do you live? It's only in the 60s here in Brooklyn. Skidget is a cute squirrel! Is that your pet too? Wow. Never seen a pet friendly squirrel before.

Nice to meet you all. I found your link on Chey's site for WCB.

Yaffa & Sebastian


That is terribly hot, and you should not go outside. The squirrel is cute, not too many cooties.


Mom stays inside when it is that hot, but Dad and the little beans go in the big wet bath thing called the "pool" and get wet all over--ON PURPOSE! Beans are crazy.

I think squirrels' cooties aren't too bad, but we've only seen them through the screen.

Kashim & Othello

wow you look great Laura like a real supermodel!
it'S been warm here too lately but not nearly as hot as at your place!

love and kissies to mom Sher!


We raised a squirrel that we found on Good Friday in the spring. It had fallen out from its nest and its eyes were still closed. We called it Rocky, of course. My mom fed it with a hampster water bottle until it could eat real food. We let it go out when it wanted and it always came back home at night. It used to sit on our shoulder and was very tame. Eventually, it started building a nest in a tree just behind our house. My dad built a bridge so it could get from the tree to the second floor porch of our house. In the fall, it started staying out all night and eventually, he didn't come come home anymore and lived outside. A good ending, I think.


That is HOT! We're having the opposite weather here (cold and rainy). We could use some of your sunshine!

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