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May 19, 2008



Great explanatory post Sher, I certainly couldn't do it better! Thanks again for making me bake this bread!


Great job & beautiful bread, Sher!! A hell of a lenghtly recipe to tackle this time. I learned a lot this month. Thanks for leading me through the wild woods of barm/culture/starters.


Sher this is a beautiful presentation of a fabulous bread. Great introduction! Bread continues to fascinate me and each one teaches me something new!
It's pretty neat to look at my loaf next to the book cover!
Thanks much for this one.

Baking Soda

What a beautiful loaf of bread Sher! Thanks for choosing this one, ever since I had the book I was circling these recipes but was too scared to attempt.

Great writing as well!


Wow you did a great job! I'm worried about mine turning out of the bowl properly...it might stick to the napkin! Anyway, I'll give it a go!


Oh my, this is so beyond my level of bread making ability, but it looks wonderful. I think this is such a fun event. Love the way you babes (and I do mean babes) have organized it.

Gretchen Noelle

Wonderful job on this bread. It looks just delicious! I am excited to give it a try!


I just pimped up my own starter!

Your bread looks great!


Wow-what a ton of work, but the payoff looks amazing. Well done!


Your bread looks picture perfect. Good job! I really like your step by step pictures. It makes the process much easier to understand when you can see what's involved.


You make it all sound so simple....
And it looks so fantastic...
My starter (DamnIt) is still snug in the fridge... There's hope!


Nice looking bread! And it sounds like it is fun to make.


I could seriously settle down with a nice, thick slice of that, and a thin schmear of fresh butter. Yum!


Sher--It's so gorgeous! I love how dark and dense your loaf looks. I could eat the whole thing! Or not. Like you said, it is kind of cool how one slice of this bread is so rich and complex it's very filling and satisfying!

Thanks again for choosing this one!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Beautiful loaf! Looks just like what I've seen in the bakery.


Barm!!! Barm!!! Totally magnificent!
You just show the best part of artisanship of bread making... speechless! I've tried making wild starter once, failed... but now what hold me back is my oven (convection) which I think is bad in bread baking.




Great Poilâne !! And I've seen them !
One day 'll bake one but I'm still fighting with that very long recipe and time to do it . But you did ! Great job .


Uhm that was me, speaking there, the baddest BBBat the moment on the very outside of the classroom


ohmigosh! did I get that right you are the host? *giggle*
I am not sure my bread baking ability will be enough to make this bread but I sure have to give it a try. If - well IF - I succeed I'll be more than happy to let you know...

scritches to little devil Laura and hugs to you!


Ah my most beloved Sher! Your bread is as perfect as your recipe was this month. I loved the whole wheat version of the starter and the firm starter that resulted is in my fridge now waiting to be used again. Not only did you create a wonderfully warm and loving kitchen for us all to gather in this month but you produced the loveliest of loaves. Well done!!


Well, I must say that I'm very tired right now because I've just finished reading your wonderful, long, exquisitely written, long, very informative, and long (but I know that's because of the recipe)post and have decided that I may never make this beautiful loaf of bread. I will, however, return to your post again and again to experience that vicarious bread-making thrill all over my body.
What an endeavor! Kudos to you!





Strange. I was certain I had commented on this to congratulate you for baking this bread. Well done!


Looks like I still have time to make it for this month. Is there a "bread baking boys" badge? :)


babes and hot food.........yum yu,,,m. keep it coming.


I know I'm a bit behind the eight ball, but I only began making my starter on Sep 8th. Believe it or not my first loaf was the Poilane Miche and it turned out FABULOUSLY!! In fact I'm eating it for breakfast as we speak. Thanks so much for your great instruction, I'm offically hooked!

Bread Making Machines

Great article.

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