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May 08, 2008



How come your photos always look so Pow!
Slurp . . . oh I can't get that bowl to tip my way . . .

Madam Chow

That looks wonderful! I actually made my own wrappers once - they're much better than commercial ones, but the labor involved has kept me from doing it again.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Except for the bok choy, I always have the rest of these ingredients in my pantry. Wonton skins are the best invention -- takes all of the anxiety out of making great-looking dumplings.


Ha, I think our families would get along well. We're usually eating one meal and discussing the next! We're having a mushroom recipe contest and mailing the winner 2 lbs. of fresh morel mushrooms. I'd love to have you submit this recipe or another favorite you may have. Recipes can be posted to http://marxfoods.com (contest link is under the Kobe burger).


Looks scrumptious! Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Night


I wonder why I never, ever have made wonton soup? That is obviously something that needs to corrected very soon! We can buy spring roll pastry in Sweden, I'm not sure it's the same though, will have to investigate that. (Btw in Sweden, it's usually spelled "pak choi" instead of "bok choi"!)

I have saved your recipe and will try it soon!


I love this idea. Soup is so magical sometimes. Wonton soup looks so simple and good. Who knew?! Thank you!



Sher, you do the most wonderful soups and pastas. I'm always charmed by your choices!


Sounds wonderful. I love a good won ton soup too. It's chilly here today. Perfect for soup!


Sher, you are so right about the better taste from bok choy and easy-breezy D.I.Y.! And I start to like ginger in the fillings ever since I seen your recipes, really tasty :)


It's been years since I've had Wonton soup!
Never occurred to me to make it myself, of course. I may reconsider...


We always get wonton soup when we are out! I never have tried it at home. Looks so easy and with spring veggies abound, perfect timing!


Hello, I was wondering if you would like to contribute a recipe to my new blog?
I have created it as a place where anyone can come and publish their recipes. You can include links to your site as well. This is at:


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