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May 15, 2008



That does sound quick and tasty. I like all of the green in the pasta.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

I've got some fresh Chinese egg noodles in the fridge -- would be great with this recipe.


Maybe it's simple, but it is nonetheless very appetizing and tasty looking! I love all the herbs you used and would undoubtedly enjoy such a greatv dish...



wine blog

As long as the Ginger isn't too strong I'm in!


I love it! Scallions and ginger are frequent guests at my table. And it certainly sounds simple...and simply wonderful. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.


Sher, is it wrong for me to want to lick my PC screen now?

Katie B.

My goodness! Your pasta looks delicious!


Wow what a combination of flavors! I am always looking for new pasta dishes, especially with chicken. And yum, the ginger just has to top it off!


I just got some rice noodles for pad thai...but may have to make a detour and make this instead!


Love it- looks simple and delicious!


mmm... I am imagining that wonderful aroma from heating scallion in the peanut oil... gosh, I got to wear bib before I come to your blog :)


You are always eating the best noodle dishes! Yum.

Mrs. L

This sounds very good and very quick and simple to make for a summer meal (and I'll have no trouble chopping up a cup of scallions).




One cup of scallions??! No problem at all... I think the most intensive chopping I had to do was when I was making tabbouleh... not one for a sunny day! ;)

Btw, I've passed on an award to you - check my blog for details!


ONLY a cup of scallions? I used to do prep in the kitchen of a busy restaurant. Try chopping salad everyday for about 500 or more..and that was only one of the salads I prepped. I have me some knife skills!

I am making this recipe tonight.

Chicken Salad Recipe

Ooooh! Looks restaurant worthy!


Steamed egg custard is a must-have side dish, I mean I love it that much :) spilme and easy to make, right? Anyway, I like your blog in harmony with delish recipes, artistic photos and your sweetness!

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