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May 22, 2008



Awww, this is so cute, Sher! I love alphabet soup as a kid, too. And I think you're right, Campbells puts some sort of sugar in their tomato to make it more appealing to kids. I notice the same thing with Chef Boyardee products.


How much time did you spend getting the letters to sit prettily on top? It would've taken me at least an hour...


mmmm...I think I might make this for Isabella!


Sher, this looks even BETTER than Campbells.


Looks WAY better than Campbells, though I was also a big fan of their alphabet soup! I'm sure they load it with sugar. Yours looks so yummy!


We had Campbell's every Sunday for lunch growing up. Now, I haven't had it in a long time!

I have seen this pasta at the store and have always wanted to make an alphabet soup. Yours looks so great!


It certainly does look tasty. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights. I'll be making this for my grandson when he starts thinking liquidy things are for eating not just playing in ;-D


Isn't it amazing how one look can bring up so much emotion/memory? This picture just makes me happy! Reminds me recently of listening to Mark Bittman talk about tv dinners of salsbury steak and how people over 45 would be salivating. Nostalgia!


Of course it's better than Campbells!! The boys loved it when I found the letter noodles.


so nostalgic!
It reminds me a lot of fun when I had it as a kid, like picking the alphabets of my name...


Love love love this! I ate a lot of alphabet soup when I was a kid, too. This looks great. I gotta get some alphabet pasta.


This is so cute! My son would love it. I've never even thought of making it myself.


Talk about time travellin'...all I need is a grilled cheese sandwich and I'm back in Gr.6!


Mmm, I just had a nice childhood flashback.


Very cool. I love making things like that, old favorites from childhood. You've made me now want alphabet soup very badly! Great job.


Hubby's outta town for a few days and I was wondering what I could make to keep body and soul together without a ton of fuss.

Looks like I'm having soup this weekend. Just made some chicken stock and I know I've got some alphabet pasta in the pantry. Thanks again for a meal save.


Brilliant. But then again, most of the recipes you post are just that.

I've been lurking in your blog for a while--(first blog recipe I made was edamame with scallops--huge success!)--I'm coming out now to finally say hi and thanks.

Your photos are beautiful, your stories are great, and the number of challenges you participate in amaze me. I can barely keep up with one, which I selected carefully because I thought it would be easy for me to do.

But back to the soup: I think my kids are going to like this one....


Now, if I could only get MY blog address right!



I'd love to use this photo on a website I'm about to launch. http://whatdidyoueat.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/2008/05/22/img_5171.jpg

Do you mind?


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