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May 28, 2008



Your cake looks gorgeous and very spring-like! I adore the decoration... Lovely!




Your cake looks just great! Well Done!


Wow, I can't believe that you have never heard of an opera cake. You did a great job.

Baking Soda

So nice and shiny! Love the raspberries on top, I can imagine their freshness adds up to the flavours of the cake.


Stunning cake...perfect as it is pretty! You also make it sound as easy as can be!! Well done!


Your cake doesn't seem to be missing the butter. It looks lovely.
Have to agree that this is a tasty cake.


I am in awe of how shiny and smooth you managed to get the glaze - this was the part of my cake that was aesthetically less than pleasing. Excellent job!


i never heard of an opera cake either. it looks delicious!!

maybelles mom

I think your decorations--or rather the perfection of the white chocolate glaze is all you need. good job.

foodie froggy

Hi ! That's funny how our cakes look alike ! Maybe they are twins...

Gretchen Noelle

Great job on this! I forgot the butter in my cake too and wound up scooping the part I had poured back into the bowl to mix it in. Wound up with a slightly flat layer but they were tasty anyway!


It is wonderful, fantastic job! I almost forgot the butter.........but then I baked the cake in one pan not two.


Pretty and so elegant. Great job this month!


It looks perfect!


You cake looks perfect with the raspberry decoration, great work!


Love the raspberry!
What is it about that butter? So many of us had trouble finding it and then where was it suppose to go?
Beautiful cake my friend!


Great cake. I think the raspberries are lovely.


What a chic and classy Opera! The fresh raspberries are a great touch on top! Well done Miss!


I think your cake looks absolutely lovely. Who needs fancy?


Looks great! I thought this turned out a lot easier than the recipe made it appear. My cakes were flat, too; but I think I expected that just based on other pictures and no leavener.


Sometimes less is more! Your cake looks very elegant.


It's gorgeous! I am partial to the berries since that's what I also used on mine. :)


Oh Sher!! I love it when we get the same idea!!! I'm thinking your raspberry arrangement is every bit as lovely mine and you had more square footage having made the square! Which of course means more berries, oh yum.


Now that's almost worth learning to like robust, bellowing, Italian actors for. : )


I used to admire the Opera Cake at my favorite bakery- looks simply elegant, you're quite the baker!


I must stop visiting here when I am hungry. Sher-all your cakes look like I should be able to stick a fork through my laptop screen and eat them. Butter or no butter-it looks amazing.

Mrs. L

I think your opera cake looks lovely.


Your cake looks really good!


Beautiful, and I love the raspberries!


fantastic! I love berries.

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