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May 26, 2008



We'll be back in the U.S. next week, and my sister was just complaining that she has more cherries than she can eat. I'm pretty sure I can take care of that!!

Don't forget that you can dry those babies, too! Make fruit leather! Cherry cheesecake... Can't WAIT 'til it's cherry season here -- don't know if the U.K. HAS a cherry season... Hm.



The only things that are really growing in the northeast are greens right now. It'll be at least another month until we see strawberries...

Cherries, I don't think they even grow out this way.


Wow, how lucky! I love cherries!




Wow, how lucky! I love cherries!




Gorn sure wishes you could bring us a few bags, cherry pie is his favorite!


Around here, that would be one of those gadgets that you talk yourself out of -because it's really only once per year... -it really is only good for one thing...

Humbug! My Italian tomato press is only ever used for making fresh gazpacho. Sure I could probably use it for something else, but the truth is that's all I ever use it for. And I would die without it.


Just order the replacement Gasket & Spring Kit when you order the pitter, you'll need it sometime!
The cherries are beautiful and I love the .......Story developing.........


LOL @ the Homocide scene...cherries abound in Ontario soon!


Wow, what a good problem to have!

Patricia Scarpin

Oh, Sher, I want some, please!! ;)


There's a delicious looking cherry cake on Smitten Kitchen's blog...you might wanna try that. And oh, make 2 serving sized protions of cherry clafoutis every morning for breakfast, a la Tartlette(the blog) ;)
You are so lucky to have an 80 pound harvest! My aunt, who also lives in Davis, can't get her cherry tree to give more than 2-3 pounds every year. The birds get to the cherries while they are unripe and destroy the whole crop. As for the bountiful harvest every alternate years, it's the same with my aunt's apricot trees. One year she'll get 80-100 pounds of fruit and the othet year, just a few.


Dry them? All it takes is a box fan and some furnace filters and the house will smell amazing for the two days it takes. Save room in the freezer if you can, its only the end of May, there's still a ton of goodies to stuff away for the winter coming!

(I gotta admit, this is one problem I'd love to help out with! lol


I vote for some kind of cherry soaked in booze! How I miss those explosions of CA fruit, but can only imagine the work involved in getting those little sucker pits out... Happy eating-


I can't believe you grew those in your own garden! I am seriously jealous!!! I LOVE cherry jam...mmmmmmmmmmm - on fresh scones to die for!


Looks like cherry cobbler may be on the menu at your house! Also, 80 lbs of cherries? That's, like, an entire 5th grader made of cherries!! And by that, I mean a LOT!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

My pear trees are like your cherry trees -- abundant one year, nearly naked the next. We just learn to love the pears whenever they show up!

Baking Soda

Oh..send them over, I'm waiting with my mouth open wide!


You get your cherries for free from a tree?? I am so jealous!


How lucky can you be...these are wonderful!! Looks like fun all the way...& a buncha happy friends & neighbours! Wish I lived next door!! :0)


Holy Cow! Look at all of them! I so wish I could be there to help! Hang in there and keep pitting away (and eating lots fresh._) Yum!

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