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May 26, 2008



Yum, I would love this ricotta pancakes.


I love cherries! I went shopping with my great aunt a few weeks ago, and while passing some I commented how much I love them, but how I am too cheap to pay $6.99 a pound for them. Bless her little 79-year-old heart, she grabbed a bag and insisted on buying them for me. Yum!


I always for red! Sher I really don't like using huge amounts of sugar but there are times when nothing else will work - this would seem to be one of them. Most excellent.

Patricia Scarpin

Sher, tell me you are sending my jar by mail today, please. ;)


I'm drooling over all this red yumminess and its only 8:49am here!


good call!
cherries with greek yoghurt and that syrup looks lovely.


Oooh, this definitely looks like it would be worth the work! My neighbor has a few cherry trees, and they never pick them. I was going to pick them last year, but the birds ate them all before they ripened. Hopefully I'll get some this year!

Liam Cassidy

Oh, my that looks amazing.

I have a question, though. If a make a big batch, how long would it last? One month? Two?


That cherry syrup does look really good!

Marc @ NoRecipes

I can't wait till cherries come into season here. What brand of Greek yogurt did you use, it looks especially thick and delicious.


That's a great idea! We have cherries that are about to turn...I should make some syrup!


I'm wondering if you couldn't just boil them & then run them through a chinoise or a food mill, rather than pit them first.

Sounds yummy - and the sugar ... could possibly reduced by using a wee bit of corn starch, but that's probably just annoying. :)


Wow, you have a cherry tree?! Lucky girl!

And my mouth is totally watering at the though of sweet cherry syrup, ripe cherries off the vine and of course, cherry pie.


maybelles mom

Cherry syrup sounds wonderful. I have bookmarked this.


yes, yes, yes! Love all things cherry. I'm clapping my hands with the glee of cherry season. They were so good last year my hands were a lovely shade of red for a few hours after pitting each batch!

Kelly Cat's favorite human

Now that gives me an idea... thanks!

Animaina Mom

How long can I store this syrup for?
Can I store thme in a cool pantry or does it need to be in the frig'?


I have a few cherrie trees and have made jelly the past 3 years. One year the jelly didn't set and I fould I had some outstanding cherrie syrup.

Have about 20 lbs picked this year--just dread the pit removal.
Question--why could one not just boil the cherries with pit and then just strain?


Any suggestions on how to convert this recipe for pomegranate syrup? Not sure if the sugar would need to be adjusted.



*I made this with frozen cherry juice that I thawed first and then canned it in small pint jars. But it is very watery. So, what can I do with it now?

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