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April 16, 2008



Totally a winner! It reminded me that I've never grown sugar snap peas. I'm going to branch out now that I have the growboxes, but I'm guessing in Utah that's an early season crop. (It gets too hot here too soon for some plants.)

I wish I had some of that to eat right now!


Super healthy and tasty! A great idea to use three different kinds of peas for that recipe!




I love how so many of your dishes are so spectacular!! The snow peas here are gorgeous! And it's so true, these are so good raw but then they are so good cooked!
I'm now beginning to get fresh ginger, I thought I didn't like it for so long.


I usually have a bag of sugar snap peas on hand to snack on. I should try to grow some this year! This sounds absolutely delicious!


I am constantly amazed at how many mouth-watering dishes you make. I would love to eat at your table for about a week...or more. Looks divine!


Yum! This might be delicious with edamame, too.


Here is to fresh sugar snaps, sounds great!


I completely agree with Tana and Glenna about how often you post really appealing looking meals -- this looks delicious and healthy all at the same time.


That looks really good! Nice and fresh and green and tasty!


This dish looks delicious, but I would eat it alone. My husband calls peas "little green dirt balls" and none of my kids will eat them. Sigh.


We've been pigging out on the snow peas, too. I love them and, like asparagus, their season is so fleeting.
This looks so good - plus I love the pretty colors...
Damn, I'm hungry!


Vibrantly colorful and healthy! I'd love some now - so what that it's ten in the morning?

Thanks for joining in WHB!

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