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April 01, 2008



Mmmm, I'm sooo into chickpeas these days! I don't know how they escaped my radar all this time. This looks fantastic, Sher.


I just love these simple recipes, and every ingredient here is one of my favorites, so two big thumbs up.

I'm just happy to be home from school and glad that April Fools Day is over!

michelle @ TNS

heh, my MIL is just like you're cousin's friend - two steps, max, and opening a jar counts as a step.


sounds a lot like someone I LIVE WITH! He feels about the same. His excuse- cooking is only essential because body needs nutrients. If others get paid to do it, why not pay eat out all the time?

I've made Spinach with chickpeas but not with Arugula. You've got a great idea for a healthy meal.


Yes, yes, yes! I love this. I think this would also be lovely with grilled lamb. Cumin and lamb are meant to be together.


Chickpeas and cumin seeds go very well together! I make a soup that uses both ingredients and since I like the combo and the photo made me feel hungry I will make your recipe ASAP

Patricia Scarpin

I saw that episode - and I've been thinking of this recipe ever since, Sher! It looks delish and now that you have made it I can't wait to try it too!


Another reason I need this book!


Strange...I never thought your recipes were too "complicated". Ah well, some people love to cook and some don't...and some just don't have the time.

Very nice recipe indeed!

Gretchen Noelle

I love chickpeas! This preparation sounds great!


I don't know rich cream sherry, but I know sherry and the idea of it with the chickpeas sounds so good. I can really sink my teeth into this kind of quicky delicious meal. I will anxious to read more of "this series".


3 ingredients and no chopping? Does that mean just opening cans?
I love chickpeas, too, and this sounds great... And the salmon looks wonderful!
1/4 cup of sherry....yum!!!!!


although I want to disagree some of those comments :) :), this new category once again is to show how versatile your cooking is!


Man, I just love quick cooks like this.

Fresh greens and quick beans make hectic life SO easy!

And, well, bean salads with sherry just rock. :)

Laurie Constantino

I just made a similar recipe but without the sherry, which sounds like a tasty addition. Next time...


Just the opposite...I tend to skip over recipes that only have a few ingredients. I like to cook and enjoy the marriage of different flavors.


Ah I love beans and greens, and that pile of chickpeas and arugula looks fabulous! Your chickpeas and arugula inspired me to make a soup with an old turnip that has been lying around my house. I browned chicken and chickpeas, then I added diced turnips, then I added chicken stock and greens (kale and mustard greens). Let it simmer for 1/2 hr and it reminded me of your photo.

John La Puma

That looks like a very good chickpea recipe. Extra good if you consider that one cup of cooked chickpeas provides over 70% of your daily value for folate and have a lot of the mineral molybdenum, which detoxifies poisons in the bloodstream. If you are interested in other good, healthy recipes, you should take a look at www.chefmd.com


anh my mom also made this for us once in awhile- tatess totally different. The only thing, do you ever do anything to the spent soybeans? Im sure they are less flavorful but it seems they would be good pureed into a pancake or something.

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