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April 26, 2008



What a little tinker! Tina feels glad she's nice and far away as she's no match for such a ferocious kitty! Hope you feel better soon, sher.


She's so cute!!

Pia K

Priceless expression!

Hope you're feeling better, Sher!


Laura definitely won that round against Mr. Fake Dog. She already has some impressive teeth and claws - is she teething?

We're enjoying all the "black kitty" fun this weekend :)


Omg, that first photo is hysterical!!

Mrs. L

What a great shot with those claws!


Now that you've eliminated Mr Fake Dog, give mom some good purring Laura.


Excellent pouncing skills you are developing little one!


Now that is cute.


Extremely cute! She looks like a miniature version of my Maruschka...




beyond cute, with those giant claws and those beaming eyes. rawr!


Of course you want to be seen! You're adorable! (Auntie Gonnie)

Joy T.

LOL such great pictures. Those expressions are priceless!


How adorable! I hope your knee feels better soon!


That is such a cute picture! She looks just like my cat Dave did when he was small!



The fierceness is killing me with the cuteness.


Ha! Hilarious. Did you know that Shannon and my sister are really good friends? It's like 6 degrees of blogland separation.


Little Laura is adorable and she looks like a total kitten terror!

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