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April 19, 2008



Can't beat that for a great day!

Cape Cod Kitty

I just know those hilarious (well, sometimes) kitten antics are a gift to you at this time. The first photo says it all and I love the restraint Pumpkin is using with his hind feet, as he could really give that little black imp some fast bunny kicks to the head! The energy of a kitten is such fun.....miss having that but not sure Ms. G would be too receptive.
Hoping Spring is lighting your everyday.


aww, but the first picture looks so INNOCENT :)


Oh Laura kitty, what fun you are having today, and the day is still young! What other adventures are you going to have? About that thing called National Geographic... My favorite thing to do is take a nap on it while my humans are looking at it. Ah, the nice smooth paper!


That first picture is so sweet and innocent. Then we see what Laura is up to. Still, it must be great to have such a young, energetic kitten around :)


...but she looks like such a sweet little angel...


Oh my word. That top photo is what we call 'Mischief Face' in our house.

What a little troublemaker! Oh to have a kitten again......


Hey Little Black Devil -looking- like -an- Angel, thank heaven for the fact that no-one can get angry with you, having a face like that !


Oooh, rabbit kick to the face! Looks like she's mastered the art already!


Ohhhhh What a beautiful kitten!!!


oh that first pic is too much, trouble with a capital TEE. That FACE is too much, so freekin cute. hollywood is calling.....


Like all my friends called Laura or Lori, I want to call you Lala. Is that ok? I hope it's okay. I wrote you a poem.
Lala is so pretty
A pretty pretty kitty
We all think she is nifty
But she's very very BAD!

It's okay, though. You're a kitten and it's your job to be bad. If you e-mail Kamikaze he'll tell you the myriad of ways a black kitten can be bad. He knows.


Laura, you are fiesty (and also a beautiful little kitty)!


That head-kicking shot is priceless! HA! I love kittens. They're just so much fun. My favorite kitten thing is when they arch their backs and hop sideways - hilarious.


Yeah, but look at those eyes! Who me?


Check out those wiskers!!! You would never guess the devil in her by looking at that innocent first photo! Too fun!


A little devil! Nerve-racking, but sweeeeeeet!




Sounds like a very productive and typical kitten day to me! ;)

Kelly Cat

Ah, lovely Laura, that sounds like the good life!


I did all of the same things today!



That first shot is a winner. I wish I had hís/her looks :)))... and be able to play like that. Love to practise my head kicks on a pumpkin too.
Great name "pumpkin" BTW.

Mrs. L

That top photo is amazingly cute!


Oh my God. How precious is that little face? Cute as the devil? ; )


Wow, Laura! You sure are an overachiever!

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