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April 17, 2008



Oh my, I am going to have to close my eyes! I want some right now.


Boy Howdy, simple is better!! And butter is always better but Irish butter . . . well I'm all for that one!
Gorgeous! Guess I'd best go with Kalyn and close my eye quick!


This looks really good. Is Irish butter richer in taste and creamier in texture? Thanks!

Patricia Scarpin

I love simple pasta dishes like this, Sher. Sometimes, I'll just cook spaghetti, drizzle with good extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle with loads of freshly ground black pepper and that's pretty much it. :)


It does look wonderful. Here in Halifax it seems hard to find good butter. I'll keep looking and you keep sharing great pastas with Presto Pasta Nights.


I've seen the Irish butter at Trader Joe's. Is it really all that different than the regular stuff? Creamier perhaps? This looks like a great, simple din. Love it!


Incredible colours! I must try to make my own pasta using a tomato sauce, I just love that colour. I've already made some pink and green pasta but you've inspired me to experiment further.


That looks so simple and yet so tasty. The Irish butter sounds really interesting.


that looks gorgeous sher - and i can almost taste it from your pictures!


I purchase the same butter and it is sublime! That pasta dish looks so inviting! Yes, I have been tossing my pasta with differnet pesto's lately. Fresh and flavorful!

Mrs. L

I have a soft spot for pasta with butter so you know this will be made in my house soon!


Oh gawd, you're killin' me! I could dive into that with both hands.

Pizzaria Muenchen

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