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April 03, 2008



Your salad is eye-candy to me! Asparagus is very cheap and beauiful in here, don't think I seen sugar snap (yet), but lots of fresh french peas and favas... the only thing worries me, the salad would be loooong gone before the party starts :)


Wow-that looks like spring on a plate. If only the real spring would follow here in the NE. Hope you're doing well, Sher. You've been in my thoughts all week.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

The colors are lovely, and the combination of asparagus and orange is wonderful. There's an old Julia Child recipe for asparagus with an orange hollandaise -- much heavier, but it reminds me of this one.

Patricia Scarpin

I'll be dreaming with your asparagus recipes, Sher. :)


That's one dish that definitely yells SPRING!!!! Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights. Now if the weather would just comply!


What gorgeous colors!


Oh this is a treat for the eyes, and no doubt taste buds. Inspired combo!

Alice (in Veganland)

It looks so springy! so refreshing and simple!

Terry B

This sounds wonderful--lively and fresh and tasting like spring. I've been enjoying the availability of affordable fresh asparagus too lately.


oh my goodness that is brilliant!


oh my goodness that is brilliant!


Dear Sher, I hope you are holding up ok this week. I am still purring and meowing in love and kindness in your direction, and my humans want you to know they are too. Meow.


That looks so fresh and good. I really like the use of the orange in the pasta!!


Do you actually look like your Weather Pixie? Your hair does. ; )

How are ya hon?


Delicious! :)


I love orange segments in salads! This salad is too pretty to eat!

Azriel Lider

Its so delicius!
maybe it will convince my girlfriend to eat asparagus

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