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April 27, 2008



Yes, I think the custard and buttercream would even be a bit much for me. But yum on those three bites!


Wonderful! I really loved that cake! Laura is a cute helper!




Hey, that custard idea looks like a great one. I would have done that too!!


Wish I had such a great helper!!

Madam Chow

I didn't make this cake for the Daring Bakers, and now I wish I had! And I love your cat blogging. :)

Madam Chow

I didn't make this cake for the Daring Bakers, and now I wish I had! And I love your cat blogging. :)


Love the evidence on the whiskers...

Patricia Scarpin

I can't wait for a birthday party in my family to happen so I can try this cake! It looks so beautiful, Sher!


My birthday is March 30, which is almost a year away, and therefore you should have enough time to make this cake for me. I think it should survive a cross-country trip, don't you?


I have missed it- you have a new kitty! Congrats!

And that custard looks so good. I"m trying to be good right now too. Ack. lol! :)

And thanks for your support during my non-blogging, I appreciate it.


Laura!! hehe, she can't resist that beautiful parfait -- nosireee...

mmmm, your house must have smelled marvelous!!


Nice looking cake. Buttercream and custard...mmm... That DB's cake was a good one!


The cake looks beautiful. I love the idea of the custard filling. I can see where the custard with buttercream would be a bit much. Good thing kitty was there to help.


I forgot to tell you in the e-mail I jsut sent that this cake looks yummilicious and I would eat half of it were it in front of me. I think I'd like a chocolate pudding filling. Is that crazy?

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