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April 06, 2008



They sound fabulous. If you're looking for a traveling companion to go to Spain, I'm definitely available in 14 months!


Me, too! Let's all go to Spain! Mmmmmm, tortas,...and tapas!


Hey I have been seeing these things around and figured it was some trendy new fangled thing... now I know to snap to it and try some. Anise? Love that flavor


ohh! those look wonderful, charming little rounds. you have the best taste sher :)

big-ups to upsie from all of us here...

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

I'm a huge fan of these! They also come in a rosemary/olive oil flavoring.


These look too yummy. I will have to see if they have them down here. What a nice plate to serve them!


How coincidental! Hubby and I saw these in the store 2 days ago and wondered what they were and how they tasted. We didn't buy them then - but I will next time!


Haha- I threatened my grocery store, too, when I couldn't find a certain sugar-free frosting mix. They didn't listen to me, though. It's good to know you had better luck!

I bet the almond one is fabulous, too! I'll have to look for these!


I'm almost embarrassed to say I've never even heard of them! Look and sound delish, though. I can just see you looking threateningly at the guy. Hee hee.


Sher, this morning once I saw this post, immediately run out to buy one pack, delicious!!!

Cape Cod Kitty

These tortas are incredible. My village market carries them, as well and some came home with me as soon as I read the delightful packaging. Yum!! So happy you mentioned them as I have not seen them anywhere else.


These are one of my favourite snacks - but the packaging here has recently changed so that the outer wrapping is black and opaque. I too haven't seen the almond ones.


These sound wonderful! I don't know if I'll be able to find them here, but I'll definitely be looking for them!


I'll bet you're the talk of the employees lounge over there at your grocery store. :-)


My name is Antonio Boza. I am the export manager for Ines Rosales S.A. in Seville, Spain.

Thank you very much for all your comments. It makes us very proud and happy to know that you enjoy our Tortas de Aceite or Sweet Olive Oil Tortas.
We take great care making them one by one, by hand, using only natural ingredients and the best extra virgin olive oil; following the same recipe since 1910.
If you can not find them the best thing to do is to go to our exclusive importer's website (www.mtvikos.com) and enter your zip code. It will give you a list of retailers in your area.
Thank you again!
Antonio Boza


Awww, now I have to find some of these! And will you look at that... Antonio wrote to you!! How cool is that?


Yes, and thanks to Antonio I know where to look for these. They are on my list!

Erin @ The Skinny Gourmet

I had these once while visiting spain, but have never seen them stateside. sad. and the almond flavor does sound tempting. hopefully they really are out there...


Yeah I know that feeling. When I moved across town, I discovered that the local supermarkets, though part of the same chain, stocked COMPLETELY different stuff. It was hard, I'm still adjusting ;).


these are my absolute favorite!!!! anytime i see them i buy them. they're not that easy to come by. glad to see you've highlighted them here!!


I bought these one time and haven't been able to find them since! I've been craving them ever since and now I'm on a mission!


You can find them at www.latienda.com


I just tried these last week. I must say, they were not what I was expecting...I thought they would be like a flat or focaccia bread, what with the olive oil listed as the ingredient on the package. What i found was a nice sweet treat good for pairing with tea. They remind me of Italian pizzelles with the flatness and anise taste. Try 'em!


I have these tortas with plain goats milk baby cheese (not aged), crumbled and distributed lightly over the torta. Then, I lighten some honey by mixing it with a little water and warming the syrup over a pan filled with hot water over a stove. When it's nice and warm, I take the honey and lightly drizzle it over the torta.

This adds some extra flavore and texture to the torta, although it is delicious plain as well! Try it and let me know what you think.


These are one of my favorite snacks, ever! I discovered them about a year ago at our local market. I just googled them to find ideas on what to serve with them and came upon your postings here. I am happy to see there are others who share in the delight of these amazing treats. I want to share them with my friends and family. Do you have any more ideas on what to serve with them? Fruit and/or soft cheese?

Ellen in Conn

I bought some this afternoon in Niantic, Conn.; orange-flavored. Fabulous. I may have to hide them in a drawer.


How can we purchase your "sweet olive oil tortas" in quantity? Do you have stock in Marshield,MA?


I just had the Sweet Olive Oil Tortas for the first time about 2 months ago, and now I am hooked on them ! I don't know what made me try them, but I am SO glad I did. They are so delicate, almost like crisp puff pastry. And you gotta try them with Bauman's Pennsylvania Dutch Sweet Tomato Butter spread on top and a glass of red wine. WOW !! Or any of their other fruit butters, they have so many flavors besides the common ones found in the grocery store ! Say GOODBYE to the wine, tortas, and fruit butters because they just go so well together, I look forward to one each night before dinner and always end up having two !


just bought them 2 days ago, e.moorland grocery in portland. i bought the seville orange variety delicate but perfect. but will definitely try the others. the packaging caught my eye. try this store, lots of unusual goodies

Mary Tarr

Just tried them while visiting in LA....Yum, yum...I am hooked now...Will try to find a retailer to ship them to me...

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