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March 21, 2008



Aw. Little laura looks like a lot of fun (and hard work!) and its nice to see Upsie is enjoying life and showing everyone who is boss!

Kashim & Othello and Momma Astrid

Dear Upsie,
you look fabulous!! We hope you are feeling well and we are sending some comforting purrs your way. Oh dear we love you our friend!

Laura and Pumpkin seem to get along very well. It's a lovely pic of them both together. Laura sure looks like a little devil *hehe*

Sher, we are sending purrrs, gentle headbutts and hugs your way we know it's not easy right now and we hope your knee will get better too.

the boys and Astrid


Glad Upsie is still ruling the roost even with that adorable scamp Laura on the loose.

Gypsy & Tasha

Onya Upsie! You're obviously still the one in charge around there. Glad to read that you're enjoying lots of nice yummy foods. Good to see that Laura and Pumpkin get along well, but yeah, maybe a few tips from SuperNanny would help him out.

We're thinking of you, and your family, and are purraying and purring like crazy that you guys have the longest possible time left together,

Purrs & gentle headbutts

Gypsy & Tasha & Karen (Mum)


That Laura has 'mischief' all over her face! How adorable.

It's good to see Upsie still had her trademark personality.


Hooray for treats yes Upsie!!
Now, Laura and Pumpkin look pretty hot together!


Enjoy those treats, Upsie. You deserve every last one of them. Let the kids play their games, while you relax and eat to your heart's content.


That tummy looks like it needs raspberry kisses! I'm glad you are enjoying your treats Upsie :)


Loads and lashings of headbutts from Trixie & Colin to you and Mom, Upsie, as well as special facelicks from Trixie, who loves to mother all the cats in the world.

CatSynth (Amar and Luna)

We're glad to see that Upsie is enjoying the best of life, like treats and tuna.

And Laura really does look like a "baby Luna." So adorable :)


Head bumps right back at ya, Upsie! I hope the Easter bunny brings you a big basket full of kitty treats.

baking soda

You're looking swell Upsie!
Ha..I know what SuperNanny would say: this behavior is totally unasseptable.


I'm so happy to see that Upsie is having a great time eating all that she wants! You look sweeter than ever...

Laura is sooooooo cute! That picture of Pumpkin and little Luna is terribly adorable!




We love you Upsie. SO GLAD you are enjoying heaping bowls of long overdue goodies!

Laura is the cutest little fella!, er, fellette! Glad she and Pumpkin have already become close playmates. : )

Love from VA & Happy Easter.


China Cat & Willow are so glad that Upsie gets to enjoy treats!!!!! And your Laura is certainly a little darling one! OK, I always love the ginger tabby too - such a handsome Pumpkin!


It's been a real treat tonight to see your sweet tummy. I can almost reach out and give you a little soft tickle.

How nice Pumpkin is to baby Laura. Upsie, did you teach him how to do that?? ;-)

Bye, for now, sweet girl...I have to go steal your Mama's asparagus soup recipe.




You've got those tired eyes buddy. Is it from being sick or from eating so much? You look like you just finished thanksgiving dinner. I wish my mom would give me whatever I want. I cry, I beg, I howl..I look sad. Nothin.

I get sick of my brother and sister sometimes. I have to lay down for a bit..usually I go hop on my parents bed just to get away. They are always chasing each other around and then behind the couch. Blah, blah, blah.

Good to see you buddy.



O, good girl,Upsie, you keep slurping that food up. Happy Easter, sweetie.
Love & Purrs, KC


Upsie, you're furtabulous! Can you do me a fabour and call Kamikaze and tell him to shut the hell up? He just ate breakfast but it seems to have not satisfied him, so he's telling me all about it. Meow meow meow!
Laura and Pumpkin are so cute. I love the name Laura, but my big boy thinks her name should be Mini-Kami. I know this because he just told me so. Meow meow meow.
Shaddup already, eh?


Upsie it is good to hear that you are being a good big sister! I must say, you have mastered the art of the "evil eye". :)


That's good that Upsie lets everyone know who is really in charge! Pumpkin and Laura look adorable together!


What a bunch! I'm so glad to see Upsie and to hear she's enjoying her new-found gustatory freedom. That photo of Laura really kills me. Heavens -- never mind my other cats, I don't think *I* could handle a kitten again!


Eat up while the eatin' is good, sweet Upsie!

And the pic of Pumpkin and Laura... so freakin' adorable!!


You go Upsie!!!! Take in all you can!! And thanks to the mom for providing it:)
A big hug to ya!


We'z considered yore patented head bumps gifen out, Upsie. Hope yoo's feelin good rite now! Lotsa purrs comin yore way.
Alla Us Hotties


I just read the nws about Upsie. I am so sorry for your loss. Meowm and I are sending purrayers your way.

Miss Peach

Oh how my tiny heart breaks knowinf that you have left your beloved mommy and made that journey to the rainbow bridge. Way too early in your beautiful life dear Upsie...too early.
May you feel comforted knowing how much we care...Love Miss Peach

Jan's Funny Farm

We just read at the cat blogosphere that Upsie went to the bridge yesterday. We are so sorry to hear that. We send purrs and prayers to all of you.

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