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March 14, 2008


Miss Peach

Hello I am Miss Peach and wanted to let you know that I am so sorry about your sweet baby Upsie. The winter of our lives is a very hard time. To watch a loved one grow week is hard for the heartstrings. I think Upsie has woven the course of the days for you. She strung Laura into the Vets the day you got her....we cats are wonderful in that sense.
Much love always...

mosaic cats

Oh Sher, I am SO very sorry to learn of Upsie's illness. It's been a hard year for you, hasn't it? There are no words to make it any easier, I know, but sometimes lots of words of support do help.
Little Laura is very very lucky that she was in the right place at the right time. And I LOVE the name you chose for her.
Mosaic Lady, Laura


I'm so sorry to hear about Upsie. It is wonderful that Upsie has such a caring Mum though - you are creating so many precious memories with her.

Mrs. L

I'm so sorry about Upsie. It can't be easy, but I'm glad you have Laura to help lift your spirits. And to heck with those that don't like pets on food blogs!


Sher -- I'm a longtime reader (and cat lover) who has never left a comment before. I think your blog is fantastic and personally, I really enjoy the food/animal combination. I'm sure Laura will give you much joy as she grows as Upsie has. I hope she inherits a tenth of Upsie's personality -- that alone would make her a great cat. Sending you and yours much love in what is surely a challenging time. Ela.


Oh no, I'm very sorry to hear that Upsie has cancer!!! It really hurts to know that... Please send her all my love. She really is a wonderful and unique cat with much personality!

Laura looks gorgeous and ever so cute! I love black kitties.




My heart goes out to you and Upsie, Sher. I'm so sorry, words just aren't enough. Laura looks like a real gem. Those eyes!
All my best to you.








Oh, my gosh. What awful news about Upsie! I don't have any words, except . . . I'm SO sorry.


I am so sorry about Upsie. She's a wonderful little creature and having met her in person I know she's everything wonderful her pictures show of her.

Welcome, Laura, to the family.


I am so sorry to hear that. She seems like such a sweet kitty and I know she is much loved. We will be thinking of her and her people and sending healing energy, positive thoughts and anything else we can your way.



I am so, so sorry to hear about Upsie. She has become such a familiar and beloved fixture of WCB. I know you are heartbroken. You have many friends around the world who are grieving with you.

Much Love from VA.


I'm very sorry to hear abt Upsie. Hugs to her and hi five to the new and adorable kitty. Do hang in there, as Upsie needs you.


I read about Upsie at the cat blogosphere page. I'm so sorry to hear this. You're in our purrs and prayers. We're sending him comforting virtual hugs.

Katie B.

O Sher, I'm so, so sorry. Such miserable news! News like this is such a punch in the guts... just cherish the time you have and get lots and lots of Pounce and scritches. Our thoughts are with you and Upsie.


Thanks to you, Sher, for sharing your love for creatures great and small, all bright and beautiful in your eyes:

I Love This Precious Cat...



I am so sad to hear about Upsie. I know how my cats are a real part of the family, as is Upsie and your other beloved cats.

Because of Upsie, I now toss the groomed cat hair into the bushes for the birds to use for nests. I think of her each time I do it.

My thoughts are with you. Thank you for letting us know. It's your blog, and you can write whatever you want! Keep us posted.


oh sher and upsie, my eyes welled up reading this i'm so, so, sorry to hear this. i can't tell you how many saturdays i looked forward to your weekend cat blogging posts at work -- they just brightened up my day. i still giggle thinking about her johnny depp outfit and flower wreaths. upsie, you are LOVED! Sher my thoughts are with you. both of you...

Karen Jo

I am so sorry to learn about Upsie's cancer. This must be really hard on you after losing Sundance not so long ago. I am glad that little Laura has come into your life to brighten your days a bit.


Aw, crap, Sher. I am so very, very sorry. My heart goes out to you - I dread this sort of news about my girl.

I am just so sorry.

Much love to both you and beautiful, sweet Upsie.


Oh I'm so sorry to hear about Upsie. I've always tuned in to hear about the latest caper. Such personality!

Butta Buns

NO! I have tears in my eyes, this is so heartbreaking! Hugs to you and to darling Upsie, much love to you both.


Undoubtedly, Upsie has had a HUGE effect on the cat blogg-o-sphere... there's a lotta love out there for her, almost as much as you give.

Hugs for Upsie, and a pat for sweet Laura.


Hi Sher - Oh my...I feel so terrible for Upsie, we're so sorry....

Riley & Tiki

We are very sorry to hear about Upsie, but glad she is enjoying her junk food and Pounce. Purrrrs.


I'm so sorry about Upsie! She is the best cat blogger I've ever read, I will miss her dearly. I hope she gets some more of that fabulous tuna.

Kashim & Othello

Oh no!
Sher, Upsie our sweet friend.
Momma just came home from Dublin where she was celebrating St. Patricks Day only to find such bad news.
Upsie we are purraying for you and dear Sher we are sending comforting hugs and purrs your way!!

we will be there for you 'till this one special day when you will have to part. We are very sad to seed this day will come sooner as we all would have hoped for.

Little Laura is such a sweetheart. maybe she and Pumpkin can make you smile a bit tho

love, Astrid, Kashim & Othello


Oh, I am sorry to read about Upsie but I'm so glad you are letting her enjoy her remaining time and that you opened your heart to Laura.

Maxx and Roxy

So sorry to hear about Upsie. She's such a strong character. Hope she enjoys her Pounce.


Sher, I found you for your food but I come back for the Upsie stories. I always love how your posts and pictures really sound like she's talking to me. Our time with them is so short but good for lasting memories.
My girl, Scraggles, said to enjoy all those treats.

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