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March 01, 2008


Kashim & Othello

Oh Darling Upsie!
We love you just the way you are and we love your floof best :)
We miss Sundance too he was such a sunshine to everyone, wasn't he?
love and hugs, K&O


Upsie, you're gorgeous! Nevermind what silly GOOGLE says - it doesn't know anything. I miss Sundance, too. How are the other two new kitties at your place? Kamikaze wants to join in on WCB, but his post isn't going to go up 'til tomorrow. He says HI, though, and winks at you - because he thinks you're HOT.


We got a search term 'cat big cheeks' once. I think Harmon fills that bill quite well.

Upsie, you are gorgeous, and yes you need thicker skin. I know of no other cat with as many outfits as you.

Bustopher and Harmon are showing off their new home this weekend! Come on by for a visit!



Incredible. So glad I didn't have coffee in my mouth.
Upsie . . . well . . . I just don't know what to say.

Katie B.

You're beautiful - don't let anyone tell you different!


I think you're beautiful too, Upsie! People suck!


Oh, that's too much! Upsie, you're gorgeous, don't take those searchers on. Talk about the cat in the hat!

Sundance, you adorable thing . . . I'm still so sorry for your loss, Sher.

CatSynth (Amar & Luna)

Upsie, you are cute in all your roles. That flower hat is funny :)

We miss Sundance, too.:( He was quite adorable.


Upsie is a great model! You are so lucky to have such a patient kitty!

I also miss the cute Sundance...




hahaha, your range is undeniable! you look exactly like johny depp. Sundance id do cute too -- look at that face!!

Mrs. L

I knew there was a reason I had a crush on Johnny Depp.


Big hugs from all of us. Those people don't know anything, as we love yr look.


Upsie, you are born to be in Hollywood! You and Sundance are one of the prettiest feline on earth!


Ohhh, meooooow. I miss Sundance too, he was so cute. Anyway, I don't think you are the ugliest cat... Just unique in you furry own way.


Lesser beings jealous of your beauty will always say mean things! Continue to rise above it all.


BIG HUGE LOL! You are talented Upsie. : )

Love from VA. : )


Upsie, those people are jealous of your fabulousness, and do not let their words get the best of you. Your fanclub here at your mom's blog adores you.
PS: I miss Sundance too.


I must confess, I am sitting here laughing out loud at "Johnny Depp"! There are tears in my eyes!!!! Thank you for making my day!!!


Aww, don't let the haters get you down!

"ef the effin' mother-effers!"

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