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March 27, 2008



There's some sunshine to go with your morning cuppa over at my place.

You can rest your weary head on the table if you need, I won't mind.

Hugs, Sher.


ps: pass the Parmesan.


This looks so good. I'm going to make it for dinner tonight, minus the asparagus and plus sliced bits of fried garlic. Lots and lots and lots of garlic.
I'll think of you as I eat it.
xx - Jenn

Patricia Scarpin

This is wonderful, Sher. Simple and superb at the same time.


Looks wonderful, pretty, and comforting.

Sher - you've been in my thoughts daily. My heart goes out to you and your ailing spirit.

Cape Cod Kitty

Thank you for that beautifully simple recipe...and asparagus is just perfect right now.
Sending you lots and lots of comfort and healing thoughts from all my family. I know you are all doing everything possible to ease this time. Loving and caring deeply is a gift even when it hurts. Purrrrrrs from Ms Graysea and me!


When I just have myself to feed and I don't feel like cooking or don't have the time, I often go to pasta with butter and parmesan. I'll have to throw in some asparagus next time, because that looks wonderful!


A perfect stress free dinner, thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.


There were so many nights when my boys where still at home, when we all recognized the day(s) had been hard on all of us: this was the unspoken menu. I think we may have had broccoli instead of the asparagus tips.
Now I call it the Zen Dinner.


I am sending hugs your way. I hope all is well. Your pasta looks really good, especially because the asparagus tips highlight the entire dish.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Simple, elegant, and with cheese -- it just doesn't get better than that.


Simple comfort food at it's best. Just add a glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc...


I love looking at your pasta dishes every week. Not only do I admire how you keep up with the PPN event every week, I love all the variety of dishes you make with pasta. It's such a wonderful gift. I love pasta.

Radcliff, Allie, Luna, & Ozzie

We just read on the Cat Blogpsphere that Upsie has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. We are so sorry for your loss.

We did not know Upsie very well, but she looks like a beautiful kittie.



We just read the sad news about Upsie. You have our deepest condolences. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


I was so sorry to read on the Cat Blogosphere that Upsie is no longer with us. Upsie was one of the very first cats I met through WCB and I can't even imagine the heartbreak that you are going through. I have so enjoyed knowing Upsie for the past two years and you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers tonight.

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