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March 13, 2008



Haven't seen you posting for a week, I was worrying if your knee was bothering you... hope it gets better each day!
It is another fantastic recipe, esp this type of mushroom, I saw them last fall, its texture is extraordinarily silky!


No that is not fair Sher! I wish I could help it.
Between these mushrooms and that green asparagus, you'd think you could cure the world and your knee.
My mom would sometimes buy mushrooms just because she thought they were so pretty and then not know what to do with them.
I do wish they could help you knee soon.


Poor baby, I do hope your knee mends soon.

Thanks for sharing such a gorgeous dish with Presto Pasta Nights. It certainly does shout "SPRING".

Patricia Scarpin

Your pasta dishes always make me so hungry, Sher - you put together the most delicious ingredients every time!


Darn, I am so sorry to hear that the knee is still bothering you. That's just a pain (literally!)

I'm also swooning over the fresh asparagus here, which has dropped to $1.49 a pound! Yummy looking recipe!


You sly one Sher...you even sneaked in some Enoki mushrooms in there! It looks as if you picked the melange of 'shrooms yourself!


What an intriguing list of ingredients--I think they'd go perfectly together. Yum! And hope the knee is better soon. . . .


This looks fabulous and I think I have all but the asparagus, I'll have to go get some!

Us vs. Food

that looks wonderful. i'm psyched for asparagus season, and the pistachios sound like a nice touch.

i was watching the premiere of top chef, and one of the cheftastants made pappardelle. except she pronounced it par-par-del AND the captioning spelled it wrong. sigh.


I'm so sorry your knee is still bothering you. At least this recipe looks quick enough to put together and delicious to boot.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

So sorry your knee is still bothersome. Still, you've given us another wonderful pasta recipe. It's not quite asparagus season here -- another month or six weeks to go -- but I'll be sure to try this when the local asparagus are in.


I love all the ingredients you used, I wish I could eat that right now, looks sooo good...

Good luck with your knee, I hope it gets better soon!


I bought two, not one but TWO bunches of asparagus today. I was a little excited. It's the first I've seen them. With us it's not su much price and availability. Once there here the price is reasonable. and when they're gone it's for 9 months.


OH MY GAWD! Three of my favorite things: pasta, asparagus, and pistachios! Okay, four: love the mushrooms too!

P.s. So sorry about the knee--totally relate and it SUCKS!!! Hang in there and beg for surgery.


What a fun assortment of ingredients, and the mushrooms positively droll fellows. Mr. Dillon, Mr. Dillon...I hope you feel better!


I am looking forward to the fresh local asparagus. This pasta looks tasty. I like the use of the pistachios in it.


that pasta looks fantastic! hope the joy of finding such cute mushrooms takes away a little of the knee pain

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Too funny, I did the same thing. Just strolling along in the fresh veggie aisle thinking about asparagus, but knowing they were too expensive and WOW, check it out! They were half the price of last week. So they jumped into my basket and came home with me! Your pasta sounds like the perfect place for them!


That looks gorgeous!


oh i saw this in food and wine and i ripped the page out but you have made it! oh sher yummmmm! this looks incredible. you always cook the best stuff.

lots of gentle kisses and rubs for upsie, i think about you both every day.

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