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March 25, 2008



You threw those in the trash! Cat hair won't hurt you! I would have blown them off and eaten everyone!

Cape Cod Kitty

and....my mother always said it is OK to challenge your immune system by eating things which have fallen on the floor! I think of that to this day, and I am very healthy!! LOL! Beautiful cookies, Sher.


Those are gorgeous! They sort of remind me of the thin crispy windmill cookies with the sliced almonds. Anyone remember those? My mother and aunt used to love to have them with tea.

We follow the 5 second rule, too. Although, my kids are huge fans of Mythbusters, and the kids always remind me that they busted that one! They say even 2 seconds is too long. What. Ever. We grew up fine, didn't we? hahaha!

Patricia Scarpin

Oh, Sher! These look wonderful. I'm bookmarking the recipe (me and my cookie madness). :)
Too bad they ended up on the floor - but that's an excuse for you to bake a second batch. :)


Great minds think alike, I started getting the martha stewart magazine and I saw this recipe on the back page and they looked perfect for my farmers market stand. I was very happy with them, I really liked the spiciness, and they looked pretty. People kept saying they were like 'dutch cookies' or something.


I probably would have eaten them - they look so good!!


Since I know my kitties have very clean paws (ahem), I would have scooped those cookies off the floor and, blowing on them just a bit, put them back on the plate. Even in broken bits I'll bet they would taste just a delicious as they look!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

I would have employed the three minute rule -- those cookies look way too good to throw away. Now, can you figure out how to make Mint Milanos? They are my favorite Pepperidge Farm cookies.


Thin shortbread with brown sugar and almonds does sound good.


yes, also remind me of the windmill cookies! Just yours look more lovely.


my favorite are the milanos. I'll be checking back, often, for your recipe. :) I generally apply the 5 second rule in my house, especially for baked goods since I rarely bake.


They look absolutely wonderful Sher and guess who is going to freeze the cookie dough next time?


Tried these and didn't like them at all. Way too dry. Of course, I am a PROFESSIONAL PASTRY CHEF (although presently unemployed) who went to Peter Kump's Culinary School in New York. My standards are much higher than most people's.

Pia K


These look very much like the thin almond crisps we have in the supermarkets here one brand from Belgium and one Swedish, the recipe for the latter origins from the 19th century, I think it's name is some King this and that's almond cookies - addictive they are!


These look delicious! I would not have been able to resist eating these right off the floor.


These look great. I am going to compare them to an Epicurious recipe I've made for windmill cookies- they looked similar to yours and were so good and crispy! I am more of a Chessman girl myself...


Oh man! Sorry about the accident but thankfully you had a few left.

Hairy Weisenheimmer

I am , at this very moment, eating the first wafer of the first batch I'm making this morning. They are awesome! Super easy to make, and you're right, 9 minutes was perfect.
Thanks for what is now my very favorite cookie recipe!

Mrs Treuter

Sorry, my husband got onto the keyboard and signed in as Chiffonade again.



OMG I got this box of cookies last night at Walmart. They are Griesson Cafe Musica brand cookies, they come in a metal green tin (christmas cookies), and say they are from Germany. Well in the tin there are different kids and one was a thin crisp almond cookie... I just got back from walmart and bought 4 more boxes... JUST FOR THESE almond cookies. I was searching for the company to see if they sold just almond cookies alone but did not find anything. So then I searched thin crisp almond cookies to see if I could find a recipe or something and found your post and even better WITH A PICTURE, they look almost identical to the ones you posted a picture of. Will surely try this recipe, thank you!

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