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March 02, 2008



I'm blushing from here, thank you for your exuberant praise! As for the package, it was a delight to send I'm thrilled it arrived on a day you really needed it. I definitely think I read somewhere that chocolate helps sciatica...


Hooray for chocolate! (And cortisone shots too.) Sorry to hear you are still feeling crummy. I hope you'll figure out what to do about it soon.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

When I ws young, my mother used to tell me that Hershey bars had medicinal qualities. I thought she was nuts, but I went along -- after all, chocolate is chocolate! Now that I'm the age my mother was then, I know exactly what she means. Chocolate really does make you feel better, no matter what ails. And how sweet of Callipygia to send you such a wonderful treat.

baking soda

Yippee for swell bloggers, they have a knack for knowing what you need either virtually or real life (cortisone shots not being bad either). I love that wrapper! Too cute!
Hang in there!

Patricia Scarpin

Isn't she a sweetie? I'm off to get to know her blog!

And I hope you feel better soon, Sher!


Glad the chocolate and shots helped, now I'll hope for permanent relief! A chocolate package: is that the universe taking care of us! Great to have friends.


Yum. I love receiving packages in the mail, and the contents of your looks heavenly. I hope you feel better soon, Sher!


How nice of her! I will give her a visit after telling you that with your chocolate you should have a nice glass of say, Zinfandel to chase the pain away! I do hope you knees are doing better:)


Certainly this one would bring on some happiness! I love getting mail, it always brightens up the day to receive non-bills :-)


I hope you'll feel better soon! That's so nice of her...




mmmmm...yummy! That will definitely make you forget your aches and pains for a little while! Glad you're feeling better.


Aww, that is so thoughtful and sweet. I'm sorry to hear about your sciatica, I have it too and it sucks. Not to mention how funny it makes us walk, eh?

Hang in there!


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