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March 17, 2008



Sher, your Croc twins look amazing!! A very good job... it's a shame we can't sit around a table together with all the babes and taste them all these breads. It was a fight, but it was fun wasn't it! Congratulations on these crocs!


Sher, I would pay money for this bread...awesome air holes!


I never thought I'd say this but...I must have been deranged to believe Dr. Atkins and Gary Taubes and their lo-carb propaganda. [Not really, just a joke, it's lifesaving!] Lo-carb must be the food of the cursed, uhhhh, yup, that'd be me. Mwahhhhh, I want this bread.

Sometimes my mind likes to play little games with itself, unlike the little tricks it's usually playing of late. As in: If there was only one thing you could eat forever -- what would it be?

This morning when I saw the bread and read your description of its...er, "properties" is too clinical a word here, "charms" too lightweight...how about "wonders," it popped onto my "Top 2" list, and I'm thinking one can't really live on yellow peppers, but THIS BREAD does look like the very staff of life itself.

Hmmm, maybe with a drizzle of EVO and a few chucks of pepper to tuck into the, as Lien wrote, "lovely chewy holes"? [see: http://notitievanlien.blogspot.com/2008/03/de-bbbs-op-krokodillenjacht.html]

So who could even care ever if "the market" falls as long as this bread's dough is rising in kitchens everywhere. Now, where'd I put that baking stone?

Thanks, Sher.

PS: Did you use any special butter, like some organic French Alpine cows raised on tarragon type of import? On the other hand, you're not far from Yountville:

But the financial market better go up before I'm spending $750 to belong to a pound-a-month butter club, for ten months.

Pass the butter, please.


Oh how beautiful those loaves are Sher! Not to speak about the HOLES in the bread! You are a true Baking Babe!

Patricia Scarpin

I think you did an excellent job, Sher - mind if I grab a loaf?? ;)


Beautiful bread, Sher. I love the holes. I can see why you ate nothing but bread for a day!


It looks beautiful - and like something to try, one day!


She those are really breath taking and awesome loaves.
How bad can it be if all you ate was a loaf of bread and butter? It's why it's called the staff of life.
Gorgeous loaves Babe!!


Yours looks like real bread!!!!!
I'm so impressed.
Amoeba is a good description....


Wow, those loaves are something. The resulting texture looks so artisinal and perfect with a stick of butter.


Nice looking bread! There is so much air in it. Ah fresh bread with butter...mmm... I am going to have to make some bread soon.


Great looking bread. It looks like teh dough was fun to work with.

Gretchen Noelle

Lovely job! You have some gorgeous bread loaves here!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

After reading some of the reports from other bakers, and seeing the photos, I'm so excited to see what this bread really should look like! It sounds like a real challenge -- hats off to all of you for sharing the experience with us.


That bread with butter would have been my meal too...YUM!


Looks perfect! It did smell good, didn't it. I wish I could have had the same lunch and dinner as you!


Sher, you tamed not one but TWO croc just fine. I pretty much consumed one loaf of bread the first night I got one out of the oven too.

I'm with Sara on dinner and lunch. In fact, I'm picking Sara up and we're coming over for dinner. You better get busy making another perfect croc! We'll bring the butter...

baking soda

My eyes! (Avert eyes and shield with hand) Sher this croc is the best I've seen (sorry Babes but I'm hungry right, and I have to makes sure Sher hides some from Mary and Sara so I can have a bite!


Sher your "crocodiles rock"!

Sues is not Martha

Everyone has been making bread lately! Maybe I need to try...This looks really good though. Seriously perfect :)



Awesome bread! The holes and the crust looks fabulous! Yes, this was indeed an interesting baking experience.


Yum, yum, YUM. I love freshly baked bread, and I would have eaten BOTH loaves in one sitting, with a FULL stick of butter. I lack your self-restraint.


Yum...one's 'Croc' bread is another's 'Ciabatta'

I love bread with airy holes like that. When it's warm, the butter just fills them up so nicely!


Mmmmmm...lovely bread!


I am so envious! This looks fabulous. I've tried twice in the past to make this Field recipe and after the second spectacular failure vowed never to try it again.

But but but the look of your bread is so tantalizing. I may have to try again and hope that it's really true that the third time is lucky.



Thanks for sharing this! I've been ryting bread for a while, but can never get it quite right so I give up and try a month or two later. I've decided part of my problem (not all of it...yesterday I forgot the salt!) is my pans so I want to find some nice bread pans. I like yours! So can I ask where you got them and how much they were? :)


Those are beautiful loaves I ever see. It's quite unbelievable that there is this wet dough. Thanks for sharing.


Just getting stteard on this one, the firm rye starter is doing it's 4 hour thing as I write. May get the dough mixed tonight. I too don't have pumpernickel flour so the dark rye will (again) have to substitute. I think I'll put mine in pans, just for the heck of it.If they tun out as nice as yours seemed to, I'll be happy. Glad you liked the results!

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