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March 02, 2008



I love these little guys, too. I have a little tiny frying pan that is just perfect for 2, sunny-side up!


They are just cuter than chicken eggs. I love them too.


Given how small and cute these are, they make much more sense to offer as appetizers.


oh how adorable! They look like precious marble! This creation you made is too pretty to eat them... errr no, let me chomp them all down! Sher, know that your knees hurt, hope you have a speedy recovery.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

I think that from childhood we all have an attraction to things that are small in scale. Where I live, though, quail eggs are much more expensive than the farm eggs I can buy from a neighbor.


oh no you didn't just devil quail eggs. how clever and CUTE! i love them too, this looks so good, i need to get some now


My husband raises quail and enjoys these yummy little treats. How do you get the eggs to peel so easy? I love your blog, Upsie is the greatest.


Heavenly! Where on earth did you get them?
I'm so happy that you've gotten some relief from your pain. I'm betting the chocolate made a big difference. ;)


The only quail eggs I've found were when we sailed from the Cannary Islands and that's just what I did with them.


Quail eggs are so cute!


Easy bake oven!? You and I must be from the same time warp (we won't say when that was : ). Quail (and thus, quail eggs) are indigenous to Virgina; I found many of them in the fields as a kid. : )


They sell quail eggs at my farmers' market, and I've never thought to actually buy any. Maybe I'll give them a try!


I have never had quail eggs before. They look good.

The Culinary Chase

I've never tried quail eggs before........guess I need to try! Cheers.

baking soda

So cute! (and patience to fill such tiny ones)


Cute! Your pictures remind me so much of Easter.


These are just too cute! Perfect presentation! Would be great for the table on Easter Sunday!


I don't know that I'd have the patience to carefully fill each and every one... but I'd be more than happy to help you eat them!

Sooo cute!

Mrs. L

My husband always orders, I think it's called, topiko with quail egg at Japanese restaurants. I think I'd rather have them deviled like this. So cute!


no way, these are so cute! I love tiny little cute food like these.

Claudia Dunitz

Wow, you win. I was so thrilled with my first turquoise eggs (our chickens just started laying), but your quail eggs look amazing. I have to finish this comment before the man comes in ans sees a photo of your itty biity deviled quail eggs or I'll be making deviled eggs for lunch ;-)


Oooohhh, they're sooooo cute! I just love them. Where did you find them to buy?


Hi Sher - Those look really cute; anddelicious!


it taste much nicer than the normal egg


it taste much nicer than the normal egg


I love quail eggs. They are a touch expensive here but so much fun to use.I like the idea of having them devilled as a snack- I might do that next time I buy some. Goon has a real knack for peeling them quickly, so that makes the job a lot easier!

I recently made (and blogged) a tuna nicoise with quail eggs. They looked really dainty in the salad and the rest I put in an Indonesian style curry.

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