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March 30, 2008


baking soda

Something is dawning...is that what whipping too long does to the buttercream? Aaargh! I remember looking at my bowl and thinking..
Love the raspberries against the white! MMmm cake and raspberries, it doesn't get any better!


Nice looking cake! I loved the raw batter too :)


Sometimes I have to wonder but always life seems to keep me on the edge of my seat! Love that you could push it back together!!
It is a wonderfully beautiful cake Sher! The raspberries are really lovely against all the white!


Sorry to hear that everything didn't go well, but the cake sure looks elegant!


Looks delicious and beautiful! :)


Sher, who wouldn't love an Easter dessert like that?! It's gorgeous!


Sher, I'm with you and unbaked cake batter. OK unbaked anything batter and dough. I would say your cake looks absolutely wonderful and full of fresh berries it must have been delicious!


Your cake looks wonderful! I'm loving all of the versions with whole berries -yum!


Wow, that looks absolutely gorgeous. I kind of prefer it with the raspberries showing, they look so delicious! I wish I went to your party! I did do the cake twice, so I probably had plenty though!

Ela Beach

Yum. What more can I say? Yum. Yum. Yum. Think I should go and eat breakfast before I try to lick my computer screen! Ela


It looks wonderful! I think I beat my buttercream a tad too long too :(


The cake still looks great Sher! I too used fresh raspberries. Well done!


I think the jam and then buttercream caused many person a problem. I rebelled and went buttercream then jam and didn't have the sliding problem.
It turned out just lovely.

Gretchen Noelle

Mmm...I would take a bagel, yum! Your story is great, what a challenge to make this cake. It looks like it tasted fantastic with all the flavors and textures. Art is in the eye of the beholder. Great job!


Your cake looks very pretty! Your overcomed your problems very well... Great job here!




I'm sure that what your cake lacked in frosting it made up in berry-licious flavour. It looks great.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Beautiful -- like a giant strawberry shortcake!


Messy cakes taste the best though....
Way to pull out last-minute buttercream! I would have probably given up and served it without icing on the outside, and called it a torte or something.


It looks like you salvaged the cake quite well. Yum!


Your cake looks really good. I like the thick layers with the raspberries in the middle.


Your cake looks tall and beautiful!


I think you cake looks great despite your issues!


That looks incredibly good and difficult to frost! I am giving you a standing ovation for just covering the sides...and you can bake killer bagels?


that is a beautiful cake..tall and proud :-)


This cake looks fabulous! great job and i love the fresh berries in the layers. i however suffered with the buttercream, twice, but i'm determined to get it right soon :)

Butta Buns

I had the same problem with running out before the rest of the cake was spackled, er frosted. Yours looks lovely and beautifully tall!

Butta Buns

I had the same problem with running out of icing before spackling, er frosting, the cake. Problems or not, it looks wonderful and you definitely earned that ovation!


I have to agree... I love raw cake batter too. Your cake looks great!



breathtakingly beautiful.

the towering creation -- a little scary. ;-))

as in, oops - too bad it fell over, now i'll have to eat the whole thing at once.

thanks for the prettiness.


even just with these two photos, I already cried out this cake being beyond perfect! Anyone who recieves this cake is the luckiest person on earth!

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