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February 09, 2008



Great matchup. And reminds me I've got a butterut I need to eat.


I think this sounds just fabulous. Butternut has such good flavor, that you just need a few other ingredients to bring out the best in it. Nice job, I would love to eat this!


How wonderful a recipe alluded to! It really looks beautiful Sher. I think I have a squash on my counter . . .

Ulrike aka ostwestwind

Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe for WHB with us.


This is the type of recipe that makes me yearn for my summer herb garden, when the parsley is so vibrant. Butternut is my go-to squash for just about everything -- soup, stew, roasted, pasta, whatever.


I never tire of seeing and eating lamb shanks and thank bone peeking out...great job as always.


What an interesting preparation of the butternut squash & of course the shanks look divine. I was disappointed of course to realize that the oblong objects in your photo weren't hotdogs but carrots!


I can taste that...and it's good! I think I have that book, now I have to go dig for it. But I copied your recipe for next fall's squash season, just in case.


What a wonderful pair-up of foods! I have not had lamb shanks for awhile, but now that you have reminded me - yum!
And I must tell you, I really enjoy your "kitty posts" on the weekend. They really make me chuckle!

Sues is not Martha

Ahhh! Drooling! Seriously! At 3:00 a.m. This looks sooo good. I am addicted to orange vegetables and the lamb looks absolutely succulent :)

Patricia Scarpin

I love gratins and have never tried it with squash, Sher - delicious idea!


The butternut squash gratin looks so good!



Thank you! I loved your recipe for the lamb shanks.


Thanks, I liked that I could really taste the squash. I like butternut squash all fancied up, but this was very good too. :)

My Kitchen In Half Cups,

Well, I know that squash was made into something fabulous!!!


Thank you for hosting WHB!


I agree with you--butternut squash is very versatile. And it's so pretty too!


Thank you. I think a tender lamb shank is so succulent...wish I had leftovers! Sigh.


You are so funny! I loved that you thought the carrots were weenies. :):) That would have made a very interesting sauce!


If it's the same book, I find it frustrating! It leaves out a lot of information about some great looking dishes.


Upsie thanks you! She enjoys lamb shanks as well. :)


Orange veggies make me feel good--just by looking at them!


I hope you try this. It's different from most gratins.


Thank you! :)


It is funny. Every time I am in English language web sites and I find recipes such as these, garlic & parsely based, I realize that for most of the people it seems to be a different, original thing.

But it is the typpical Brazilian way of cooking. And, by being a Brazilian, when I read the opinion of the readers and cooks, I find it funny! :)

We base our kitchen - always - on simmered garlic and onion. White rice cooked like this, with or without some grated carrots, are the among best side dishes I know - it respects the flavor of most of the main dishes we know.

Chopped ocra simmered like this is also delicious, in my opinion. But you have to add lemmon juice to dissolve its slime. And let the bottom of the pan get a bit burned, to add more taste.

Thanks for reminding me this way of cooking. After years abroad we forget many things!

All the best,


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